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What size might a leopard hybrid between a lion and a leopard possibly be of greatest size?

The Leopon, although not natural, is a very interesting and gorgeous big cat hybrid.

They look like spotted lions, males can be 105–120 cms tall and weigh up to 150+ kgs while females don’t exceed 110 cms in height and 105 kgs in weigh.

This makes leopons bigger than their father leopard since male leopards average 60–75 kgs with a max of 80–95 kgs and a few records reaching 97, 108 and 113 kgs.

Leopons are however generally as tall as male lions but weigh much less since male lions weigh generally 180-250 kgs even if larger ones above 270 kgs were recorded (record 313 kg).

Male Leopons are basically of the size of a female lion, while female Leopons are basically as big as a big male cougar.


The Leopon was actually thought to have been spotted in the wild and identified as the Marozi Lion or Spotted Lion in Kenya after someone killed two felids that were a bit smaller than a lion but had the markings of a leopard which is strange since lions’ spots appear only when lions are cubs and then disappear

Here’s the skin of the alleged Marozi Lion

Fact is that there was a sighting of a whole pack of these felids that were most likely thought to live in the high zones of Kenyan Mountains and not in the savannah where lions, leopards and cheetahs rule. So the hypothetical presence of several Marozi lions makes us debunk the idea that a leopard mated with a lion, since the hybrid Leopon is characterized by infertility and can’t reproduce.

So we will never know what this mysterious this big cat is, the last sighting of this alleged Marozi Lion is reported in late 1980s, meaning that it may be extinct.

Yes, we may have lost an alleged new big cat species.

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