1,500-Year-Old Crypt Of Rich Warrior Buried With Wife And Children Discovered In Ancient Russian City

Kane Khanh | Archeaology
October 17, 2023

An ancient warrior who was interred with his wife and three children has been found in a Russian crypt.

The Russian crypt was littered with bodies Credit: VOLNOYE DELO FUND

The find has created an archaeological enigma because researchers are unsure if the family died of the plague or were murdered by tribal members in the area.

The “noble” family, according to archaeologists, was interred there in Fanagoriya, Russia, about 1,500 years ago.

The family was buried 16 feet below ground Credit: VOLNOYE DELO FUND

According to the Russian Academy of Sciences, the adult male skeleton was discovered buried with riding stirrups and spurs.

Additionally, he was wearing a sword-belt, which indicates that he was a mounted warrior.

Rare artefacts buried with the family indicate high status or wealth

And there were valuables in the 16-foot-deep crypt, a sign of wealth or high status.

This prehistoric warrior resembled Khal Drogo from Game of Thrones in real life.

Aleksei Voroshilov, who oversaw the excavation, claimed that based on what they had discovered, the individual had been a member of the city’s military.

Archaeologists think the family may have been butchered by local tribesmen

He was an experienced horseman, as we also discovered riding stirrups and spurs.

“A leather harness that is fastened to a belt and was previously used to carry a sword is also present.

It’s likely the crypt belongs to a noble warrior family Credit: VOLNOYE DELO FUND

“The harness’ buckles are seriously worn out, indicating that this warrior had participated in numerous battles.

He was repeatedly drawing and redrawing his weapon.

Along with his wife and three children, the long-dead warrior was also interred.

It’s also possible that the family were killed by plague Credit: VOLNOYE DELO FUND

Although the cause of their death is unknown, archaeologists think the plague may have been the cause.

Another popular story holds that local nomadic tribesmen butchered the animals.

Skeletons were unearthed at the lost Russian city of Fanagoriya, founded by Ancient Greek colonists Credit: VOLNOYE DELO FUND

In any event, archaeologists are quite interested in the Fanagoriya excavation site.

The location is thought to have had a significant historical significance for Christianity and has given rise to several priceless artifacts.

The marble tabletop, which could have served as an altar in a church, is the most precise and convincing proof yet that Christianity was formed in Fanagoriya in the fifth century, according to Aleksei.

The eerie burial site was dug 1,500 years ago Credit: VOLNOYE DELO FUND

“We have found a marble baptismal font for babies, and perhaps even for toddlers. Although it is not very large, it is substantial and made of marble.

The ancient lost city has produced important artefacts

“A ship that was lost following the insurrection in Fanagoriya against Mithridates VI of Pontus, which took place precisely in 62 BC, was discovered by one of our underwater missions some time ago.

One of the oldest ships ever discovered in the world is this one.