Wildebeest escapes jaws of crocodile with unexpected help from zebras

Talk about a close call! This is the moment a lucky wildebeest came moments away from being dragged to his death by his tail by a hungry croc. This wildebeest owes his life to the lucky timing of a herd of zebras crossing the river. It all started when a jumpy wildebeest dove into the… Continue reading Wildebeest escapes jaws of crocodile with unexpected help from zebras

When hippo meets crocodile: river monster showdown

Some rivers are more dangerous than others… In Africa, Nile crocodiles are extremely dangerous and are estimated to be responsible for 275 to 745 attacks per year, which is more than any other crocodile species combined. Yet, crocodiles are not the most dangerous animals in Africa; That title goes to the hippopotamus. Hippos are the most… Continue reading When hippo meets crocodile: river monster showdown

Epic shots of a crocodile taking down a viper

In this incredible series of images, we witness a crocodile taking on a Russel’s Viper. The croc clamped the snake in his powerful jaws and thrashed about. After an intense struggle, the croc eventually ate his prey. These images were captured in Yala National Park in Sri Lanka by photographer Rishani Gunasinghe.

Hyena steals impala from python

While hyenas are skilled hunters, they are infamously known for their scavenging skills. Judging from this video, it’s easy to see why… Rare footage captures the moment a hyena stumbles upon an African rock python constricting an impala and takes the kill for itself. Jason Joubert witnessed this rare sighting and told the story: “I… Continue reading Hyena steals impala from python

Snake strangles hawk

This is just another reminder that mother nature is fierce and sometimes the predator becomes the prey. In general, hawks eat a wide variety of food, including snakes, lizards, fish, mice, rabbits, squirrels and other small birds. But it is questionable whether or not this hawk will want to try to hunt down another snake again.… Continue reading Snake strangles hawk

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