2024 Draft Grades for the Miami Dolphins from Jason Sarney

April 30, 2024

2024 Draft Grades for the Miami Dolphins are in. Here is the DolphinsTalk.com version. Let’s get after it!

Chop Robinson Edge

Penn State Pick #21

At pick 21 in the first round, the Dolphins selected Penn State edge rusher Chop Robinson. Micah Parsons is a player who has been compared to former Nittany Lion at the Dallas Cowboys.  Robinson is incredibly fast and can be used in various ways in the new defensive coordinator Anthony Weaver’s scheme. He is not necessarily just an edge rusher, but it can be used a little bit more in different areas of the field.

With a draft that was all about speed, Robinson has a better or faster 40-yard dash time than several wide receivers who went in later rounds. If the Dolphins had been able to trade back and still select Robinson, the grade would have been higher. Robinson is a little bit of a first-round project to develop into a hopeful potential Pro Bowl candidate. He became the third Penn State first-round draft pick in Miami Dolphins history. The last was Jared Odrick in 2010, and the first was receiver/returner O.J. McDuffie in 1993.

2024 Draft Grade on Chop Robinson: B+ (a trade back and then still Robinson would have made it an “A-“)

Patrick Paul OT, Houston

Pick #55

Having taken care of the defensive side of the ball in round one, the Dolphins needed help on the offensive line in the second round. They went with Houston’s left tackle, 6‘8“ Patrick Paul. With 35 collegiate starts under his belt, he could see limited on-field action as a rookie. The reason is that there’s some footwork to refine, and the ability to anchor against speed rushers still needs some development. He has a massive size and frame to accompany his first-in-class wingspan and top-tier arm length.

Sitting behind Terron Armstead and learning while being a future successor of his should be the plan. Ideally, Armstead plays most of the 2024 games. Yet as an injury risk, it would be no shock to see Paul elevate to an emergency start or several this season. He will have to beat swing tackle Kendall Lamm’s backup duties to Armstead. With other linemen on the board who could be more ready, there is a reason why this grade is not a home run “A” grade at the moment. It is more like a solid pick with heavy future potential. This pick is a metaphoric “double,” and hopefully, he is brought around to score in 2025 and beyond.

2024 Draft Grade on Patrick Paul: “B”

TRADED for Jaylen Wright Running back, Tennessee

Pick #120

The Miami Dolphins have gone to Tennessee Well plenty of times during the draft selection process over the year. General manager Chris Grier called to negotiate a trade with the Philadelphia Eagles in this case. With the potential of returning third-round picks next season, should the compensation formula play to their advantage, Miami sent their 2025 third-round pick to Philly for pick number 128.

Christian Wilkins and Robert Hunt’s compensatory formula should play into how Miami expects to receive two third-round compensation picks, in all hopefulness. Wilkins signed a free-agent contract with the Las Vegas Raiders, and Robert Hunt did the same with the Carolina Panthers for heavy money. These enticing compensatory advantages for Miami allowed them to deal with an absolute speed burner. A category with the rest of the Miami Dolphins players in the majority, and he will potentially be a successor to Raheem Mostert in pairing with DeVon Achane. He has homerun ability to take it to the house on any run if he makes just one person miss. He also has soft hands out of the backfield to factor into the passing game.

2024 Draft Grade – Trade and Pick: “A-“

Mohamed Kamara Edge, Colorado State

Pick #158

The Dolphins were able to steal Kamara, a Top 75 player by Mel Kiper and one of the best prospects heading into day three. Kamara Is like Robinson, just shorter by a few inches. While at Colorado State, a heavy sack producer had 13 in 2023. Kamara is a bit of a work in progress with a fantastic foundation. Robinson’s speed brought the word “disruption” into the conversation. In a post-pick press conference, Grier and coach McDaniel said, “Disruption of the quarterback” was what they aimed for. Veteran rusher Bradley Chubb is likely starting the year on the injured reserve, and Jalen Phillips could have a game or two on the PUP list.

Kamara is a near-carbon copy of fellow Colorado State product Shaq Barrett. Rotating in with Robinson and Barrett, with Phillips and Chubb joining the party, these “Five Guys” will hopefully be handing out sacks as if they were stuffed with burgers and fries. With a franchise needing extra help at pass rusher, they certainly got faster, and this is no pun intended.

2024 Draft Grade of Mohamed Kamara: A+ (Could be the pick of Miami’s draft and a steal of the overall class throughout the league.)

Malik Washington Wide Receiver, Virginia

Pick #184

The Dolphins continued their value proposition of picks by bringing in one of the better slot receivers in this year’s class. Washington has terrific speed and hands to make a perfect NFL slot, which is just what can complement Tyreek Hill and Jaylen Waddle as primary targets for Tua Tagovailoa. Washington specializes in quick hit plays, is good after the catch, and can be a factor in the screen game in creative ways. At 5’8”, he is pretty much a set slot man in the pros.

2024 Draft Grade of Malik Washington Draft: B

Patrick McMorris Safety, California

Pick #198

A few other safeties were on the board that graded higher during the scouting process at pick 198. However, McMorris is a solid, versatile safety who could play the nickel. He has a good eye for the ball and solid hands to help to create turnovers. The Dolphins need depth at safety, especially pairing with veteran Jordan Poyer. The former Buffalo Bill signed a one-year deal with the team. Veteran Jevon Holland will be a free agent next season.

2024 Draft Grade of Patrick McMorris: C+ (other players on board at safety and other positions)

Tahj Washington Wide Receiver, USC

Pick #241

The Dolphins needed a slot receiver, so they drafted a second in Washington, and the USC product can also return kicks and punts. A relative steal in the seventh round, this Washington is a bit more versatile than Malik. Another solid-hand and YAC slot man, Washington, can be used in more ways. The final selection for Chris Grier and the Dolphins, Washington can make an immediate impact, especially with the NFL’s kickoff return rule. Washington is also a deep threat with his route-running and ball-tracking skills.

2024 Draft Grade of Tahj Washington: B+

Final Grade

Grier and the Dolphins handled the heavy need for edge rushers, offensive line, and slot receivers. They got terrific value, especially with Kamara and Malik Washington. There may have been a few preferred prospects in the sixth or seventh round, which would be the reason for the “-“and leaving it room to grow because of the potential. Of course, it can go the other way as well. The Dolphins also brought in an intriguing group of undrafted free agents. A few offensive line products and defensive backs could make noise this training camp season.

Overall Dolphins Draft grade: “A-“