3 Dallas Cowboys players that could ruin everyone’s 53-man roster projections

May 6, 2024

In the fast-paced calendar year of the NFL, mock drafts are quickly replaced by 53-man roster projections once we move on to May. Recently, I put together my prediction for the 2024 Dallas Cowboys roster and couldn’t help wonder about potential surprises..

Cowboys 53-man roster projection: Why the most difficult cuts will come at  WR, LB and DB

That’s why we’re taking a look at players that I believe could ruin everyone’s projections once it’s all said and done in September.

Let’s dive in.

OT Earl Bostick Jr.

As of right now, Bostick Jr. appears to be a likely future roster cut as the Cowboys have an offensive line room with several backups that could be above him in the pecking order including Matt Waletzko, Asim Richards, and even 2024 seventh-round pick Nathan Thomas.

But Bostick Jr. got paid big-time as a UDFA, as he was eighth highest-paid undrafted rookie across the NFL in 2023. If he takes a big second-year jump, the former Kansas Jayhawk could push somebody unexpected off of the 53-man roster.

TE Brevyn Spann-Ford

Spann-Ford actually made my 53-man roster projection but I know I took a risk while giving him a spot. But I won’t be surprised if most leave Spann-Ford off of it as John Stephens Jr. and Peyton Hendershot could leave this year’s highest-paid Cowboys UDFA out of the picture.

But if the Minnesota product proves the drop woes were a slump thing during his final collegiate season – and there’s reason to believe it was only a short-term problem – expect Spann-Ford to make the team. His biggest edge is that he could step in with an immediate role as he’s an excellent blocker thanks to his pro-esque size at the position.

WR Martavis Bryant

This is the biggest longshot on the list but don’t forget that Bryant was a legit dude in the league before being suspended multiple times. In his first two years in the NFL, he averaged over 60 yards per game.

That was a while back but if Bryant shows glimpses of that guy still existing following his reinstatement, he could make enough noise in training camp to earn a place on the roster. However, Bryant faces an uphill battle as there are many younger players the Cowboys could be looking at, like Jalen Brooks, Ryan Flournoy and UDFAs signed between 2023 and this year.