3D-Printed Czinger 21C Hypercar Can Exceed 280 MPH

3D-Printed Czinger 21C Hypercar

3D printing may end up being the next hot technology that could revolutionize manufacturing. While 3D printing hasn’t quite lived up to the hype thus far, there are some exciting developments on the horizon. The Czinger 21C, in particular, may help blaze new paths for the 3D printing industry.

The C21 3D printed hypercar that can reach a top speed of 281 miles per hour and cranks out 1250 horsepower. These specs are great even by lofty hypercar standards. That the Czinger 21C can offer such performance while also utilizing 3D printing bodes well for the future. The C21 features not one but instead three motors. First, there’s a 2.88 liter turbocharged V8. Besides the combustion engine, the C21 uses two electric motors, each positioned on a front wheel. This power train is mated with an ultra-light seven-speed automatic/manual transmission. Add it all up and you’ve got 1250 ponies coursing through the C21.

Czinger 21C

Further, the Czinger 21C weighs just 2,733 pounds, making it one of the lighter hypercars on the market. Lightweight and a powerful drive train allow this hypercar to hit 62 miles per hour in just 1.9 seconds. You can reach 186 mph in less than 14 seconds, and 248 mph in just over 21 seconds.

So far, price and release dates haven’t been announced. Czinger plans to release just 80 examples of the C21, however, so collectors may quickly snatch up stock and drive up prices on these exotic cars for sale.

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