450,000 years ago, there was an advanced alien race that dominated Mesopotamia

Kane Khanh | UFO
June 1, 2024

According to the book The 12th Planet by author Zecharia Sitchin, there was a race of people called the Anunnaki from another planet, with extremely advanced technology, who settled in Mesopotamia hundreds of thousands of years ago…

According to Mesopotamian mythology, in the past Anunna or Anunnaki were often considered gods who lived with God Anu in heaven. But then, it is not clear why the Igigi are considered angels while Anunna is the term used to refer to underworld gods.

Alien Civilization Uncovered in Mesopotamian Writing | Ancient Aliens

So who are the Anunnaki?

The term Anunna appeared in 1964 in the book “Ancient Mesopotamia: Portrait of a Dead Civilization” by author Adolph Leo Oppenheim, who popularized it. this concept.

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According to author Sitchin, Anunnaki are creatures about 3 meters tall, with beards, white skin and long hair… (Photo: UFO Insight)

In addition, another author, Zecharia Sitchin, has published a series of dozens of books called “Chronicles of the Earth” since the 1970s, in which he also described in detail. Details about the Anunnaki.

Sitchin’s book also offers translations from ancient Sumerian including descriptions of the Anunnaki.

Sitchin’s book The Twelfth Planet tells of the appearance of the Anunnaki on Earth, who came from a planet called Nibiru about 450,000 years ago. These are creatures about 3m tall, with beards, white skin and long hair. They came to the land of Mesopotamia and settled there for a long time.

According to Sitchin’s writings, the technology and power of the Anunnaki is something our civilization cannot replicate even in the 21st century.

Anunnaki "Ancient Alien" Relief panel Period: Neo-Assyrian Date: ca. 883–859 B.C. Geography: Mesopotamia, Nimrud… | Ancient aliens, Ancient art, Ancient mesopotamia

Sitchin says that ancient inhabitants from Nibiru were capable of space travel and possessed genetic technology 450,000 years ago. They came here to mine gold and left traces of their existence with large and small projects all over the planet. They can be the pyramids (Egyptian, Mayan, Aztec and Chinese), the megalithic monument Stonehenge, Baalbeck’s spaceship or the lines at Nazca and Machu Picchu.

There are many theories, some scholars think it is just a myth, others think they are visitors from another planet who came to Earth thousands of years ago.

Unraveling Ancient Enigmas: The Intriguing Tale of an Advanced Alien Race Dominating Mesopotamia 450,000 Years Ago. -

Mysterious planet Nibiru – Homeland of the Anunnaki?

In 2008, Japanese researchers announced that according to their calculations, there was an “undiscovered” planet at a distance of about 100 AU, two-thirds the size of Earth. (AU is a unit of length, approximately equal to the distance from the Earth to the Sun, about 150 million kilometers). These calculations support the hypothesis of the existence of Nibiru or planet X.

According to several ancient texts from Mesopotamia, there is strong evidence supporting the hypothesis that Nibiru has an orbital period of 3,600 years. The number 3,600 was considered by the Sumerians to be a great cycle.

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The mysterious planet Niburu is believed to be the home of the Anunnaki alien race, (Photo: Vizion Plus)

Interestingly, the Washington Post once wrote about a mysterious planet: “There is a celestial body as large as giant Jupiter and may be very close to Earth, it will be part of the solar system, to be found. seen in the direction of the constellation Orion thanks to an infrared telescope on board a US astronomical satellite…”

“All I can tell you is we don’t know what it is,” said Gerry Neugebauer, IRAS Chief Scientific Officer.

Besides, there are also others who mention Nibiru. An article appearing in 1988 in the Astronomical Journal by author R. Harrington also wrote about the existence of an unknown giant planet. Harrington suggested that there exists a planet three or four times the size of Earth, and located three or four times farther than the distance from the Sun to Pluto. According to the mathematical model that has been introduced, it is believed that planet X, also known as Nibiru, has a 30-degree elliptical orbit.

According to ancient records, Nibiru was enveloped in a cloud of red iron oxide dust, causing rivers and lakes to be tinged red. This mysterious planet is believed to be the home of the Anunnaki alien race, four times larger than the diameter of Earth. It is believed that it will cause dark days when passing by other planets, and it may even stop spinning during transits in space due to its inherent incredible magnetic properties.

Nibiru is called “The Destroyer” in the Kolbrin, a Bible in the monastery of Glastonbury in Scotland: “Men forget the dark days of the Destroyer. Only the wise know where it has gone and that it will return at a certain time… It is the Destroyer… It is bright, ferocious and ever-changing, appearing suddenly… a fiery celestial body ballast”.