Ancient Egypt Mystery: Evidence of HIDDEN door under Sphinx to SECRET underground lair

Kane Khanh | Archeaology
October 4, 2023

THE SPHINX contains a hidden door that could lead to a secret underground lair, according to a historian.

The pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx could all be linked by a vast underground network of chambers and passageways, and the neglected door might be a way inside if amateur historian Matt Sibson is to be believed. On his popular Youtube channel ‘Ancient Architects’, Mr Sibson references a document called ‘Operations carried on at the pyramids of Gizeh in 1837’, allegedly written by 19th century Egyptologist Colonel Howard Vyse. Mr Sibson explains: “In his book, Vyse says ‘from various reports and circulation in Egypt, I was given to understand that the French engineers had made a considerable excavation in front of the Sphinx and that they had just discovered a door at the time when they were compelled to suspend their operations.’

“This account was confirmed by the repeated assertions of the Arabs, several of whom declared that they had been present at the discovery and said that the door led into the body of the Sphinx, whilst others affirmed that it connected up to the second pyramid.”

As Sibson explained, there were originally three stelae located in front of the Sphinx: the Dream Stela, built by King Thutmose between 1479BC and 1425BC, which still remains at the site; and two more stelae that were created by Ramesses the Great over two centuries later, which ended up being taken to The Louvre museum in Paris in the 19th century and “little has been spoken about them since”.

Mr Sibson came across an image of one of the two missing stelae in the Vyse’s book, telling the Daily Star: “There’s a Sphinx on the top of a platform, with Rameses the Great next to it and giving an offering.

“The Sphinx is sitting on top of what looks like a doorway.

Ancient Egypt: There could be a secret door under the Sphinx according to YouTube channel Ancient Architects

Ancient Egypt: There could be a secret door under the Sphinx according to YouTube channel Ancient Ar (Image: Getty – Ancient Architects)

“On the Dream Stele, there is also a doorway beneath the Sphinx which backs it up.

“What does the other one show? It needs to be re-analysed and brought back to life. It could shed more light on the doorway.

“I think there is something underneath there, there are loads lots of tunnels under the Giza plateau”.

The theory is arguably more watertight than a recent one claiming the pyramids were built by aliens.

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While serving as a science advisor in advance propulsion systems, Dr Victor Ivanovich claims he gained access to files on one of the KGB’s secret mission called Project ISIS. He says the documents reveal the Soviet government not only investigated whether ancient Egyptians were aware of extraterrestrial life, but they may have also lived among them.

Dr Ivanovich claimed during Amazon Prime’s “Secret KGB Files” that Egypt was the perfect choice for an extraterrestrial race.

He said in 2001: “The objective of one of the particular missions was to find any knowledge left behind from an extraterrestrial civilisation.

“The team of archaeologists were composed from the Russian Soviet academy of science.

“It makes perfect sense, Egypt is an obvious choice for the aliens if they had to establish an outpost for planetary expeditions.

“There is a flat area with little obstacles and Egypt is also near the centre of the Earth.”

The common consensus is that the pyramids were, in fact, built by thousands of slave workers in order to commemorate the pharoahs.