A Loyal Furry Friend: A Dog’s Heartfelt Gesture of Bringing Food to His Chained and Malnourished Mate to Keep Him Alive

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As per the update by Rescue Paws Curacao, two adorable pups were rescued by a foster named Demi from a dumping site just yesterday. The organization is working tirelessly to support Demi in her noble cause. Demi, the rescuer, narrated the story of how she stumbled upon these pups, saying that her day started like any other, with the usual morning routine of getting ready for work. While driving to her workplace, she came across a notorious dumping spot for dogs, where she had found two other pups previously. She regularly feeds the packs of dogs living there and was on the lookout for the siblings of the previous puppies when she ran into a woman.

As I made my way to the usual feeding spot, I noticed an unusual sight. The regulars were nowhere in sight, but instead, I stumbled upon two emaciated dogs and a heap of bones. It was evident that these poor creatures had been abandoned recently, as I had never seen them before and had driven by the same spot just the night before. I parked my car and got out to investigate further.

According to Demi, she witnessed one dog bringing food to the other, possibly attempting to help its friend. One of the dogs was too feeble to move and had a chain around its neck, which we managed to detach. We provided them with nourishment and hydration, and fortunately, they accepted our care.

As I headed to work, my mind was preoccupied with worry. I showed my colleagues pictures of my rescued pets and expressed my fears that someone else might not give them the care they needed. Looking at those pictures reminded me so much of Finn and Kay – two other animals I had rescued who were also underweight and had a necklace around Kay’s neck. However, I was relieved when my colleagues told me to go rescue the pets. So, I rushed back home in my wetsuit and found them still there. Without wasting any time, I took them to the vet. I was honest with the vet about my concerns, as I knew that sometimes when animals are very sick, there is little that can be done. After researching, the vet informed me that the pets likely only had carpathian disease and were malnourished.

According to her, there is hope for their recovery. After administering some medication through injections, I will need to return to the clinic tomorrow for another round of shots. Since their condition does not permit them to swallow pills, it is better to feed them small portions of chicken and rice a few times a day. We will have to wait and observe their progress over the next week.

Our 15-week-old foster pup is almost twice as light as these creatures that weigh 9 pounds. The male one among them is the most fragile as he cannot walk without assistance. Despite this, they can eat and drink on their own.

Currently, the canines are secure in the Rescue Paws Curacao dwelling, separate from the other seven dogs (six of which are under foster care). The staff is determined to rescue them and will exhaust all efforts to ensure their survival. Fingers crossed for a positive outcome.

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