Tracing UFO Sightings on Walls Throughout History

Trangely | UFO
April 14, 2024

Recently, archaeologists have discovered images of UFOs painted on walls since ancient times.

Unidentified flying objects (UFOs) began to receive special attention in the 1940s. However, archaeologists have found many images that may be of UFOs from ancient times, right at the dawn of time. beginning of human history until the Middle Ages.

The shape of mobile objects appearing in ancient Egypt and Uzbekistan looks like UFOs in the American science fiction movie – The Extra Terrestrial.

Based on much evidence obtained, the archaeological team believes that people since the Middle Ages have known about the existence of aliens and considered them gods with supreme power.

That belief was further promoted when Swiss author Erich von Daniken released the book Chariots of the Gods? In it, he wrote that alien creatures had built many great ancient structures, including Nazca drawings. In addition, Daniken describes those creatures as human-like but possessing yellow skin and shimmering light.

Daniken’s theory is that extraterrestrial beings have visited the wilderness of southern Peru since ancient times.

Previously, people had also seen traces of similar objects in Türkiye and China.

Most recently, Russian archaeologists continue to have more evidence to confirm this suspicion. In their report, the research team said that they discovered mysterious burials with many corpses that were most likely those of aliens buried at least 500 years ago.

These “creatures” are 2 meters tall and have a strange body with a large oval head.

However, researchers have not found or discovered any traces indicating the remains of spacecraft and therefore, stories surrounding UFOs continue to remain mysterious, challenging the truth. human discovery.