Amazing metal clamps all over the Ancient World

Kane Khanh | Archeaology
October 21, 2023


Ancient Egypt, India, Peru, Bolivia, Cambodia, Ethiopia, Iran, Armenia, Tunisia, Greece & Italy. These countries, thousands of miles apart, share the same technology used by Ancient builders.

Academic archeology initially thought they had (as always) a religious/ceremonial use. However, scientists did tests and revealed that the clamps were used to pour metal in order to freeze and hold the megaliths together. There are pieces of poured metal still present in Ethiopia to back up scientists’ claims.


The tests ran in the Pre-Inca/Pre-Columbian areas have given a very specific alloy: copper, arsenic, nickel, silicon & iron. The most intriguing fact being that there is no known natural source of nickel in our contemporary Bolivia where the clamps were found…


Last but not least, if metal was poured into those, it means the builders must have had an advanced technology in the form of portable melting device ready for use, regardless of the megaliths locations. It wouldn’t seem logical, given the level of perfection of the buildings, that they ancient builders would bother melting the alloy “manually” from scratch in front of every pouring location.


We recently learned that similar clamps can be found in the Vosges Mountains of France, and our team will soon go there to cover this topic in details; adding another proof that once upon a time, a highly advanced global civilization was gracing Earth.