Anubis! – Tomb of Twosret “KV14 “

Kane Khanh | Archeaology
December 9, 2023

KV14 is a tomb in the Valley of the Kings. It provides a rare example of a Ramesside queen’s tomb being re-used by a king. The tomb originally belonged to Queen Tausret, a royal wife of Seti II and the last pharaoh of the 19th Dynasty, but was re-used and extended by Setnakhte, whose coffin was found inside the tomb (below). He was the father of Ramesses III and first ruler of the 20th Dynasty. Images of Queen Tausret were replaced by those of Setnakhte and, later, even by images of Seti II.

Restored red granite sarcophagus of Setnakht from KV14 (Photograph courtesy of:

The fate of the body of Queen Tausret is unknown, although her granite sarcophagus was found in KV13, re-used for the burial of Prince Amenherkhepeshef, the son of Ramesses VI and Queen Nubkhesbed. KV13 is also a re-used tomb, originally the tomb of the Chancellor, Bay.

KV14 has two burial chambers, and the extensions of Setnakhte make it one of the largest royal tombs.