Are Hybrids the Future of Supercars?

chay hang sieu xe porsche 18 ty

Hybrid may be taking over the roadways but the Prius is not your thing, there’s hope. Hope found in the 918 Porsche Spyder. When it comes to supercars, the term hybrid certainly hasn’t been synonymous with performance, power, agility or high standards. Porsche set out to change that and has successfully done so with the 918 Spyder. Believing in the importance of providing Porsche drivers with the ability to reduce their carbon footprint without sacrificing performance, Porsche has designed a completely different vehicle that is truly fascinating. They are hailing this as a future sport cars and it just may be.

Porsche 918 Spyder Hybrid

The Futuristic 918 Spyder is Hot

Exotic, futuristic, agile, quick, and completely unique – the 918 Porsche Spyder delivers an incredible driving experience that any eco-friendly drivers can be proud of.  No longer do you need to sacrifice your environmental ambitions and principals in order to feel powerful acceleration under your feet or hear the roar of a V8 engine.  With 887 hp and 211 mph, the Sypder delivers everything you would want in a futuristic sports car without the carbon emissions that you don’t.

Porsche 918 Hybrid Supercar

918 Sypder Facts

  • The V-8 engine delivers an incredible scream at high rpms, even though it is a hybrid. If you have heard the quiet purring of a Prius engine, be aware that the term hybrid is not a one-size-fits all engine type and Porsche has proven this unequivocally.
  • The 918 Spyder can rev to 9150 rpm thanks, in part, to the use of lighter and more expensive metal alloys in the engine.
  • It has rear wheel steering that is electrically assisted, allowing you to turn at low speeds with fast agility while maintaining the stability that comes from driving an AWD sports car.
  • Braking in the Porsche 918 Spyder is unlike any other with the strong braking that Porsche is known for.
  • Topping out at around 211 mph, the Sypder delivers unprecedented speeds for a hybrid.

Future Hybrid Supercars

Are Hybrids the Future of Sports Cars?

No one is saying that auto enthusiasts and Lamborghini drivers are suddenly going to give up the feel of a powerful V8 or the roar of a Ferrari engine in a trade for a classic hybrid.  This will never happen and nor should it.  Supercars have left their mark on modern society and whether you trade in classic models or are filling your garage with the latest and most unique supercars, these dreams offer more than functionality – they offer an exhilarating experience that simply cannot be matched.  However, there is a growing need for hybrid models as more and more people want an eco-friendly option at when you are paying over $800,000 for your latest ride, why shouldn’t you have options?  We see the 918 Spyder and the hybrid sports cars to come after it, as providing auto enthusiasts and collectors with the opportunity to add a low emissions vehicle to their entourage.  With claims of over 80mpg, the Spyder can certainly become a daily driver that anyone would envy.  For now, we wait and see how hybrids make their mark on the highly-competitive world of supercars.

chay hang sieu xe porsche 18 ty
chay hang sieu xe porsche 18 ty
chay hang sieu xe porsche 18 ty

chay hang sieu xe porsche 18 ty

chay hang sieu xe porsche 18 ty