BREAKING: NFL’s Netflix move is another blow to the NBA

Bill | NFL
May 16, 2024

The NFL has taken Christmas from the NBA. Even this year, after claiming it wouldn’t, the NFL did it.

The NFL’s 2024 pivot to Netflix becomes even more problematic for the NBA.

In past years, the Christmas games were on networks that allowed for the flipping of channels from the football game to whichever basketball game was on, during commercials or halftime. With the NFL games on Netflix, it will be harder to hit the “previous channel” button during breaks.

For most smart TVs, someone watching the NFL games would have to exit the Netflix app (which frankly can be a launch-codes pain in the ass to do under normal circumstances) and migrate to wherever they get their collection of TV channels.

The only way around it is to have multiple screens. Which plenty of people have. For locations with only one TV in the room, folks will have to choose between football and basketball.

So take that, NBA. Even though the NFL is only playing two games this year (surprisingly), the NFL will be commanding those six hours with a lower likelihood than usual that folks will be jumping back and forth between football and basketball.