Chilling Mass Grave Containing ‘More Than 100 Horses’ Found Dating Back 2,400 Years, But Mystery Surrounds Their Owner

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Chilling mass grave containing ‘more than 100 horses’ found dating back 2,400 years, but mystery surrounds their owner

Excited experts believe the animals were buried next to a nobleman in central China

The skeletons of dozens of horses have been discovered in a chilling mass grave in China believed to be around 2,400 years old.

Excited experts believe that the horses and chariots were buried together close to the tomb of a nobleman – but do not yet know who he is.

So far 90 horses and four chariots have been dug up in the central Henan Province, and the overall number could top 100 when the excavation ends.

It is thought Zheng State horses were killed first before being put into the pits next to their owner’s tomb.

The mysterious find has fascinated historians, with bronze artifacts also discovered below the ground providing intriguing clues.

The mass grave was discovered in central China Image: REX/Shutterstock)

So far around 90 horses have been found buried in the pit Image: REX/Shutterstock)

The pits are believed to date back 2,400 years Image: CGTN/Youtube)

Archaelogist Ma Juncai told Xinhua Net : “As the main tomb has been looted and no written records have been found yet, it is difficult to identify the tomb owner.”

The pits are believed to date back to the period between 770 and 221 BC.

One of the huge chariots stood at more than eight feet tall, and Ma said he believes it would have been used by a lord and his wife.

It is not known whose tomb the horses are buried next to Image: CGTN/Youtube)

There are at least 18 pits and more than 3,000 tombs in the region, and widespread excavations are being carried out as historians attempt to find out more about its past.

Three clustered pits have been excavated so far by archaologists.

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