Cimitero Staglieno: Monument Calcagno

Kane Khanh | Archeaology
November 2, 2023

Dear readers,

this post is a bit on the educational side since i’d like to show you one of the more famous tombs at the Staglieno Cemetery in Genoa. Calgacagno’s Monument was made by the famous Adolfo Apolloni and it is a very fine piece of art. I happen to own a book that was printed around 1910 and i’d like to share with you what it says about it:

“This most valued bronze masterpiece by the sculptor Apollonio, dedicated to the Calcagno family is to be seen at the Pontasso above the monumental Arcades. The statue lying on the steps, deposing a last flower on the grave, is the personification of Sorrow.”

(I left the mistakes in the text since it is a quote… However it’s not bad english compared to the german translations in the book. They are plain hilarious…..)

Interestingly the artist was the major of Rome (from June 1919 to November 1920). But before that he lived in the U.S. and he did a famous grave there, too.