Coaching Continuity: OC Frank Smith discusses return to Miami Dolphins after head coaching interviews

Tony Nguyen | Miami Dolphins
June 24, 2024

Mike McDaniel and his trend-setting offense is the rising tide that has lifted every Miami Dolphins ship. Quarterback Tua Tagovailoa is negotiating for a record-setting contract after leading the league in passing yards, wide receiver Tyreek Hill is a back-to-back first-team All-Pro, and offensive coordinator Frank Smith was requested for two head coaching interviews this offseason.

The Carolina Panthers and the Seattle Seahawks were interested in Smith, but he’ll ultimately return to the Dolphins for a third season. Considering there are only 32 head coaching jobs, this interest speaks to the continued success and respect for Miami’s offense.

“I just think the whole process through that was very humbling for me,” Smith said of the head coaching interviews. “Obviously, that’s why I got into coaching, but it also reminds me, hey, just because you had that opportunity doesn’t mean it’s guaranteed again. So it’s make sure that for me, the reminder of every day to just stick to whatever is necessary today and be as present as I can to help the people that have given me the opportunity to be in this position.”

Smith, 43, was the run game coordinator and offensive line coach for the Los Angeles Chargers in 2021 before signing with McDaniel and the Dolphins. He broke into the professional coaching ranks as an assistant offensive line coach with the New Orleans Saints in 2010.

“I learned a lot, Smith added about the head coaching interest. “And I think it’s helped me be better here for Mike [McDaniel] and [general manager] Chris [Grier] and just everyone with the program, because when you get challenged to think broader, it helps now when you go back to narrow, kind of being able to maybe see things because you had to think [differently] about things.”

Miami’s 27.9 points per game last season trailed just the Dallas Cowboys (30.1) and San Francisco 49ers (28.6) but continuity should be a strength of the Dolphins’ offense with most of the playmakers and coaches returning for 2024.

“It helps just with communication, anticipation, like when we’re trying to get things done, just guys more quick to like get more in tune with each other,” Smith said. “Especially in-season, that’s where the real growth comes because the of knowing of workflow or problem-solving as we go into it. So the stronger the relationship, the longer the relationship, the better communication.

“And that’s something we hallmark around here is our ability to communicate with each other.”

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