Curse Of Mummies: A Series Of Corpses Walking Around, Finding Their Own Way Home In Indonesia

Kane Khanh | Archeaology
July 22, 2023

According to experts, the sorcerer’s secret lies in the handfuls of powder sprinkled on the corpse

At the end of June, many international news sites published a series of photos in the memorial ceremony for the deceased in South Sulawesi province, Indonesia. According to the Ma’nene custom of the Baruppu people in the mountainous district of Tana Toraja, the corpses of family members and ancestors are dug up by the living, brought home, changed into new clothes to “see” the person again . relatives and relatives in 3 days to celebrate their death anniversary.

The amazing thing is that the invited shaman can summon the spirit and make the corpse lying in the coffin can walk around the village. Although this practice is quite common in Indonesia, so far, indigenous people as well as scientists have not been able to explain specifically about this strange phenomenon.

The story spread further and further, causing confusion and fear for many people. Public opinion questioned the authenticity of the information and was curious about the mechanism by which zombies could get up and walk like a living person.

Strange customs of the Baruppu people in the mountainous district of Tana Toraja, Indonesia

To calm the public, recently Indonesian experts have come up with a number of hypotheses, based on documents collected from research experiences of domestic and foreign scholars.

It is known that intact, non-decomposed human bodies have been found in the middle of the high mountains in the southern province of Sulawesi, Indonesia since 1905.

According to scientists, these corpses have been marinated with herbs, making them still look like they were alive, only the skin, blood vessels … dry up; The fat layer will gradually disappear. After that, the corpses are buried in special soil that makes them difficult to decompose.

A number of theories have been put forward but have not completely convinced the public

Explaining the phenomenon of corpses standing up from the grave, experts believe that the secret of the magicians lies in the handfuls of powder they sprinkle on the corpse. These are extremely toxic powders that can cause the living to die suddenly and can affect the nerves of the dead, making them able to function unconsciously for a certain period of time. This powder is extracted from poisonous plants around Tana Toraja mountains and poison from scorpions, frogs, snakes…

However, this theory still does not explain why corpses find their way home, as well as being able to move limbs after a long time lying in coffins.