Dak Prescott could become the Dallas Cowboys all-time leading passer in 2024

May 26, 2024

It is conceivable that Dak Prescott could become the Dallas Cowboys all-time passing leader this season.

Dallas Cowboys Dak Prescott could pass Tony Romo's franchise record in 2024  - Blogging The Boys

People from the past would absolutely freak out at the statistics in today’s day and age of football. Our time is structured so much differently than the past. Rules protect the quarterbacks in different ways which lead to bigger numbers, heck there are even more games which provide more opportunities for numbers to increase.

This is why it was so satisfying to see CeeDee Lamb set the Dallas Cowboys single-season receiving record last year in the team’s 16th game. There is no asterisk or qualifier or anything that could exist to offer any kind of pushback on what was a remarkable campaign.

Distinctions will be placed on things regardless of how you or I feel about them so it kind of is what it is in that sense. All we can do is live in our current moment and operate off of the rules of engagement as they lie for everyone.

That being said, Dak Prescott is in striking distance of something significant.

Dak Prescott could become the Dallas Cowboys all-time leading passer in 2024

Over the last eight years we have seen quarterback Dak Prescott improve in many ways and have different seasons of different varieties. He is coming off one of his best as he finished second in MVP voting. The lack of playoff success will always be the loudest voice in the room, though.

Speaking about the statistics that Prescott has put up over his career (with an acknowledgment that this is not the end-all-be-all in terms of evaluation), he has put himself in some elite territory from a passing perspective. As noted up top, Prescott (like his peers and the generation before him/them) has benefited from the adjustment in rules and regulations. Still, Prescott is in range of the franchise passing yards record.

Dallas Cowboys All-Time Passing Yards Leaders

  1. Tony Romo…………. 34,183
  2. Troy Aikman………… 32,942
  3. Dak Prescott…………. 29,459

Odds are very high that Prescott will pass Aikman in this measurement in 2024 considering he only needs 3,484 yards to do so.

It is conceivable that Prescott could also pass Romo in 2024 to become the franchise’s all-time leader in passing yards. He needs 4,724 yards to get it done.

Dak Prescott Passing Yards by Season

  • 2016 (16 games played): 3,667
  • 2017 (16 gams played): 3,324
  • 2018 (16 games played): 3,885
  • 2019 (16 games played): 4,902
  • 2020 (5 games played): 1,856
  • 2021 (16 games played): 4,449
  • 2022 (12 games played): 2,860
  • 2023 (17 games played): 4,516

Prescott has entered a contract year twice with the Cowboys (2019 and 2020) and unfortunately only finished one of those kind of seasons. When he did though he put up a total passing number that would be enough to get him the record here in 2024. Whether or not you believe the contract year situation is any sort of incentive is up to you but he is currently set to do so again.

In all likelihood he will finish the upcoming season as number two on the all-time list. If he does not get a new deal with the team then that may be where he finishes as far as this franchise’s record books are concerned, but obviously if he is re-signed the record falling is all but a certainty at some point in the future.

On the subject of second, Prescott is ranked there in terms of passing touchdowns as his 202 trail only Tony Romo’s 248. He would need 47 to take that one which feels incredibly unlikely as Prescott specifically has never hit even 40 passing touchdowns in a single season.