Dak Prescott says he focused on the team, not money, as his contract situation rolls on

May 25, 2024

Dak Prescott continues to generate headlines with just about everything that he does.

Dallas Cowboys receiver warns team ahead of Dak Prescott contract  negotiations

It’s the elephant in the room that won’t go away. What will the Cowboys do when it comes to giving quarterback Dak Prescott a contract extension, and more importantly, when will they do it? Per usual, especially when it comes to Prescott, the Cowboys are taking their time, and they want to see more ‘leaves fall’ as team owner Jerry Jones put it.

It’s no secret that longer the Cowboys wait to give Prescott a new deal, one he’s more than earned, the price will continue to go up. It’s a mistake the Cowboys made when they could’ve gotten Prescott for around $30 million per year back in 2019, but waited until March 2021 to finally give him a new deal that went for four years and $160 million with $126 million in guaranteed dollars. Now in a similar situation, Prescott said he worries about things that he has control over when speaking at the Cowboys’ OTA on Wednesday.

“I don’t play for money. Never have never cared for it, to be honest with you, yeah,” Prescott said after the Cowboys’ OTAs on Wednesday. “Would give it up just to play this game. So, I allow that to the business people to say what it’s worth, what they’re supposed to give a quarterback of my play, a person of my play, a leader of my play. For me, it’s about, as I said, control what I can control and handle that part and the rest will take care of itself.”

Prescott is coming off one of the best seasons of his career in 2023. He had his second-highest marks in passing yards (4,156) and touchdown passes (36, led the NFL), and his completion percentage (69.5) was a career best. Also, Prescott’s 72.7 QBR was his highest since 2020. This led to him finishing third in the MVP voting a season ago.

It’s clear that as time goes on, Prescott is becoming an even more cerebral and polished quarterback from his ability to adjust to what the defense shows him, his awareness in the pocket, making big throws in tight windows, and other key factors. Despite the continual uptick in his play, the Cowboys as a team still haven’t gotten past the second round of the playoffs with Prescott as a starter. What makes it even more glaring is that in each of Cowboys’ last three playoff losses, Prescott hasn’t performed to the level that he’s shown in the regular season.

That certainly needs to change going forward. Even Prescott would admit that. However, he’s easily one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL, and the last thing the Cowboys want to do with a roster this talented is to have to start over at the most important position.

There’s no doubt that Prescott would like to get his new deal and stay in Dallas. He’s expressed that. Plus, at some point, it just becomes annoying having to address the same thing over and over, which falls on the Cowboys for not being more proactive in getting it done. It hasn’t stopped Prescott from being present at all of the team’s activities during the offseason.

“Right now, it’s about being my best for this team right now in this moment,” said Prescott. “OTAs is helping these guys out, and just focused on that, and I know my business will take care of itself. Been in it before, experienced and just controlling what I can right now.”

Prescott is set to count $55.45 million against the salary cap in 2024. He will count over $40 million against the cap in dead money charges in 2025. So, it’s pretty clear that the Cowboys need to find a way to lock in Prescott sooner than later.