Days After OBJ Rumors Came True, CTESPN Puts Tyreek Hill & Jaylen Waddle On Miami Dolphins’ To Do List

May 6, 2024

Tyreek Hill Calls Out Teammate Jaylen Waddle Who Hasn’t Given Him a “Wedding Present” Yet

Odell Beckham Jr’s move to Miami was predicted by Antonio Brown’s newly established CTESPN Network, months before anyone else. Although, since CTESPN also stirred rumors about him joining other teams, the breaking news was not taken up by mainstream media.

And now, the same network has news about the other wideouts from Miami, Tyreek Hill & Jaylen Waddle. According to their post on X, Dolphins are planning to get Waddle’s contract done first before moving to Hill’s.

At the same time, Hill is already in talks with Miami and working on a massive deal for himself. And although, the news does not share the update on the status, they do confirm that Hill plans to stick around.

Interestingly, they also reported that Waddle plans to holdout if Dolphins do not meet expectations. Wide receivers, unlike running backs have found good value in the open market. Case in point, Tyreek Hill. So it wouldn’t be surprising if some surprises are seen in the Dolphins training camps.

From another perspective, maybe the Dolphins have invested in such a deep receiver room for this very reason. They’ve even drafted Tahj Washington from USC in the 7th round. Although they can’t imagine matching his production at that speed, they can use multiple targets to give Tua the best possible looks.

A plan could be in the works for compensating on any possible loss that occurs from Waddle holding out. There are a lot of tricks that Mike McDaniel has up his sleeve. And time and again he’s proven he can get the best out of his players.

Mike McDaniel & Dolphins Main Goal Is Winning Outside Hard Rock Stadium

At home, the Dolphins have it figured out. They went for 6-2 in 2022, and improved it by winning 7 out of their 9 home games. But they still finished second in their own division. Thus, figuring out the other side of the puzzle is the only.

Just like the coach, even the team is finding its way through the troubled waters of away games and playoffs. And it isn’t like they haven’t improved. Miami had 6 away losses in McDaniel’s first year as head coach, and just three wins. But this year, they finished away games with .500 record. 4 wins, 4 losses.

And from there, with the ever-evolving offense, they can get potentially get over the bump. It’s only McDaniel’s 3rd year in Miami. And he’s had a winning season both years he’s been here. But it looks like more than winning, he has brought a fun character to the Miami side.

Under Flores, Miami was rebuilt, given a direction, put into the system required for a smooth functioning machine. But as Stephen Ross and many reports after his firing suggested, the personnel inside the team were not fully onboard with the way results were being achieved.

It looks like McDaniel brought with him an approachability that the Dolphins side lacked.