During an excavation conducted in the 1880s in Sayre, Oklahoma, an ancient “horned” cranium was disc

Kane Khanh | Archeaology
August 15, 2023

“The skeletons were anatomically normal, except for the anomaly of their projections: two distinct ‘horoscopes,’ two feet above the eyebrow, and the fact that their average height in life would have been approximately five feet.”

The report states that the bodies were sent to the “American Investigating Mission” in Philadelphia, where they were rolled – “to be recast.”

Er Kmmerle, an ᴀssociate rrofessor of anthropology at the Unversty of Central Florida, described this as a genetic disorder caused by the excessive action of slander-like growth factors.

“Essentially, you continue to grow even though the growth rates are merged,” Kemmerle wrote in an email.


“The frequency is estimated to be approximately 8 occurrences per one billion reorles. I am unsure if it was more prevalent in the past because it is now possible to diagnose and treat the condition earlier.

Kmmerly aid that the horrifying fact is that Facebook’s rost is false. USA TODAY provided credible news or scientific findings regarding this discovery.

Researchers at the Robert S. Peabody Insтιтute of Archaeology characterized the history of Pennsylvania’s hanging ghouls as a collection of tales that, over time, took on a life of their own.

The 19th and 20th century newspaper articles included multiple versions of the story.


The Peabody researcher attributed references to the gigantic skeleton to extinct animal species and written records that exaggerated the height of individuals who were tall at the time.

While the University of Pennsylvania has 1,300 srapsias in its PePP Museum Morton Collection, there is a museum тιтled “America Investing Museum,” as the abbreviation indicates. Kmmerle confirmed the nonexistence of the mem.