Elon Musk’s AI Predicts a Disastrous Season For Jerry Jones’ Dallas Cowboys In 2024

May 6, 2024

Elon Musk’s AI Predicts a Disastrous Season For Jerry Jones’ Dallas Cowboys In 2024

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott (4) warms-up before the NFL game against the Miami Dolphins at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, Dec. 24, 2023.

Dallas Cowboys have been silent this offseason despite failing badly in the 2023 playoffs. In the 2024 NFL draft, they signed eight new rookies but surprisingly, there was no running back drafted. Instead, they brought back their former star RB Ezekiel Elliot to the team. Although Jerry Jones claims they are going all in for next season, Elon Musk’s AI believes otherwise.

The advancements in AI have gotten so good that it is now confidently predicting the future standings of the NFL teams. A recent post by “33rd Team” on Instagram is going viral, revealing X’s Grok AI’s prediction for the winner of the NFC East.

Grok predicts that America’s Team will be placed third in the NFC East and will miss the playoffs, despite having a winning 9-8 season. Well, if this happens expect too many firings in the next offseason.

The Cowboys have shown consistent performance in the regular season in recent years. They racked up back-to-back 12-5 records over the last three years and secured the division title in the previous season. However, their postseason struggles remain, keeping Jerry’s team from breaking their 27-year Super Bowl drought.

Fans react to NFC East Predictions

NFL fans were left divided after reading Grok’s prediction. Some believed the outcome would be similar to recent years, with the Eagles and the Cowboys battling for the division title. Others expressed concern that if the predictions proved true, the Cowboys’ owner might take strict actions against the team.

A fan stated, “If the cowboys don’t make the playoffs, they are blowing the whole thing up”

Another one joked, “How are the Cowboys gonna lose on the first round if they don’t even make it. Inaccurate”

A social media user commented, “I disagree the cowboys will take the crown again”

A different one wrote, “It’s going to be between the eagles and cowboys like it is every year. On paper Eagles are better”

Someone else also predicted the outcomes of NFC East, “Cowboys 12-5, Eagles 12-5, Commanders 9-8, Giants 6-11”

Grok, however, predicted Cowboy’s biggest rivals, the Philadelphia Eagles, at the top of the division, will clinch the with a 12-5 record. Washington Commanders will have a promising season and will enter the playoffs with a 10-7 record, per the AI. Taking the fourth and the last place in the NFC East will be the New York Giants who will win seven of ten games.

Last season, the Cowboys and the Eagles dominated the league in the regular season. However, they weren’t as effective in the playoffs, both losing in the Wild Card Rounds. On the other hand, the Giants and the Commanders struggled to make a mark by winning just 6 and 4 games, respectively. All teams have undergone crucial changes since the offseason began. While not many may believe the AI’s verdict, in the NFL, anything is possible.