Everything you need to know about Sonya Curry

Tony Nguyen | Golden State Warriors
May 12, 2024

Golden State Warriors superstar point guard Stephen Curry got his shooting skills from his dad, Dell Curry. However, the two-time MVP also has his mom, Sonya Curry, to thank for his overall athleticism.

Who is Sonya Curry?

Sonya Adams Curry was born on May 30, 1966. She attended Radford High School in Radford, Virginia, where she was a standout basketball and volleyball player who won state championships.

Sonya then chose Virginia Tech to play volleyball. It was there that she met her future husband, Dell, who was a star on the basketball team. Sonya is Caucasian, African-American Creole and has Haitian ethnic background from both her parents’ side.

Dell and Sonya Curry got married in 1988. After tying the knot, they had their first child, Stephen Curry, shortly after moving to Charlotte, N.C. Sonya and Dell had their second child, Seth, in 1990 and their third child and only daughter, Sydel, in 1994.

Sonya owns, as well as operates, the Montessori School located in Charlotte, N.C. She is the president of the school, which she and Dell founded in 1995. Stephen, Seth and Sydel Curry all went to the said educational institution.

Sonya Curry cheers on Stephen Curry and Seth Curry in NBA Playoffs

In the 2019 Western Conference Finals, Sonya and Dell had to watch Stephen and Seth go at it, as the Warriors and Portland Trail Blazers faced off against each other.

On a podcast back in March with Warriors shooting guard Klay Thompson’s dad, Mychal Thompson, the Currys admitted that they secretly wanted the Blazers to defeat the Warriors in the 2019 Western Conference finals.

As transcribed by Drew Shiller of NBC Sports Bay Area:

Klay Thompson’s father, Mychal: “I was thinking about you guys during the Portland-Warriors series last year and seeing you guys in your split jerseys. And I said if I was the Currys — if I had to choose — I would choose Seth. Steph already had three rings …”

Dell Curry: “We didn’t tell the media that, but that was our choice (laughing).”

Sonya Curry: “It was really weird, though. First of all, we hated that whole experience …”

Stephen Curry had won three rings at that time with the Warriors. He is also considered the greatest shooter in NBA history. Seth Curry, meanwhile, had no hardware on his NBA résumé, so it made sense that Dell and Sonya were rooting for the Blazers.

In the end, though, Stephen and the Warriors swept Seth and the Blazers. Stephen went on to win a fourth ring in 2022. He is also a two-time MVP and twice led the NBA in scoring.

Unfortunately, in August 2021, Sonya filed for divorce from Dell after 33 years of marriage. Of course, this is never easy for the children, but Stephen will continue to support and love his parents in this new chapter in their lives.