Experts suggest that there was a civilization before Adam and Eve

Kane Khanh | Archeaology
June 14, 2023

According to experts, there was a civilization on earth before Adam and Eve and that the snake coiled in the apple tree is the proof.
In the south of India is the Mannarasala temple in which there are 30 thousand stone snake idols and we can also find images. This temple is dedicating to Nagaraja who is the king of the Nagas. Who according to local legend is still residing in the temple.

In the Hindu tradition the Nagas are beings that are half divine with half human and half cobra. Nagas are often shown as snakes, mainly cobras. Part of the body is that of a human and the part from the waist down is that of a snake. But they are linked to the underground cities and that in many ways are worlds very parallel to the surface world.

According to Hindu mythology, the Nagas were sent underground and although in a very curious way a very similar story can be found in ancient Hebrew books and numerous biblical accounts suggest that although Adam and Eve were the only living beings that were created by God they were not the first to inhabit the earth.

There were pre-adamic civilizations that have a history that we do not know. Some experts suggest that the civilization that roamed the earth before Adam and Eve could be the reptilian beings spoken of in ancient texts. Ancient astronaut theorists suggest that the talking serpent in the Garden of Eden could be the key to solving this mystery.

Ancient legends indicate that the serpent in the Garden of Eden was humanoid in shape, had arms and legs and spoke clearly as we already know from the Biblical record. According to the book of Genesis, the interference of this reptilian figure with humanity caused it to be punished by God.

According to the book of Genesis chapter 2, it says that the world was in chaos, which is very possibly indicating a pre-Adamic war between civilizations and we have found an echo of all this in literature, both in Judaic traditions and in literature from all over the world. the world.

According to William Henry researcher of mythology. In the story of the punishment of the serpent it seems that we have literary evidence of a great battle or extraterrestrial war going on. Ancient astronaut theorists suggest that not only did such a war occur, but physical evidence of it can be found all over the planet.

In Cusco Peru there are some of the most curious places in the city and that is that we can find very deep rocks with small steps in an inverse way making it seem that the stone is upside down. In an inexplicable way, the stone in question seems to be rotated 180 degrees and legend has it that it was rotated during a great cataclysm.

In Turkey there are some very old cities where their fortifications seem to have been destroyed by a single missile. We are talking about cities from when missiles did not exist, which leads many experts to think that these could be proof of a devastating war waged between alien groups.