Ferrari 330 LMB Recreation by Bell Sport & Classic

Ferrari 330 LMB Recreation

Bell Sport & Classic has put together a truly beautiful replica car with their Ferrari 330 LMB Recreation. Using a donor Ferrari they built a replica that recaptures the majesty of the Ferrari supercars of old.

The Ferrari 330 LMB Recreation is packed with a V-12 engine that cranks out plenty of horsepower and rumble through the exhaust. The original Ferrari 330 LMB (with stands for Le Mans Berlinetta) was one of the most formidable supercars of its day. Back in 1963, the Ferrari 330 LMB placed fifth in the Le Mans race.

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The original Ferrari 330 LMB also packed a V-12 engine that cranked out 390 horsepower and 300 ft lbs of torque. While not impressive by today’s standards, these numbers were more than respectable back in the 60s.

As for the Ferrari 330 LMB Recreation, English farmer Ed Carter purchased a Ferrari 330 GT and started looking for ways to convert it into a 330 LMB. Alas, Mr. Carter was tragically killed in an accident while driving a vintage Bentley.

Ferrari 330 LMB Interior

Still, the Ferrari 330 LMB project went forward. Bell Sport & Classic spent thousands of hours converting the donor car into a 330 LMB replica. Coated in classic Rosso Corsa paint, the Ferrari 330 LMB Recreation certainly lives up to its billing both inside and out, and on the road too.

Indeed, the lucky few who have gotten to drive the Ferrari 330 LMB Recreation report that it’s a quick, responsive supercar that may not outrace modern hypercars but still offers great performance in a classic Ferrari for sale.

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