Ferrari SP38: The Newest One-Off Supercar

Ferrari SP38

Could you imagine having your own custom designed and built one-off Ferrari? For some supercar buyers/fans, that dream can actually come true. On May 26, Ferrari will pull back the curtain on the custom Ferrari SP38. This sure to be beautiful, certain to be powerful Ferrari was built exclusively for one of Ferrari’s most dedicated customers.

Of course, Ferrari didn’t build the car from scratch. The research and development costs for a car can easily surpass the billion-dollar mark. And we’re talking about for run-of-the-mill consumer cars, by the way, not hypercars. The  Ferrari SP38 is based on 488 GTB. It utilizes both its chassis and running gear.

Ferrari SP38 Supercar

Yet if you take a gander at the  Ferrari SP38, you’ll see that it’s a distinct model in its own right. The headlights are unlike pretty much any seen before on a Ferrari. The razor-thin lights at the front encourage viewers to focus on the boot.

The rear end, meanwhile, is anchored by three transversal slats that channel heat from the engine. As for performance, the garden variety 488 can hit 62mph in three seconds and tops out at 205mph. This is thanks to a twin-turbo, 66o+ bhp 3.9-litre V8 coupled with a seven-speed DCT. Expect the  Ferrari SP38 to meet or exceed this performance.

One-Off Ferrari SP38

This one-off car was designed by the Ferrari Design Center. On the whole, the Ferrari SP38 resembles the classic F40 but is its own unique road machine. It’s too bad only one lucky customer will get the keys to this beast, but congrats to him or her.

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