Five Photographs of Travelers in Time: Real or Fake?

Kane Khanh | UFO
January 31, 2024

The Network is full of photographic and video ‘evidence’ that pretend to show that the trips in the time exist. But the reality, for some sad, is that the absolute majority of these ‘evidence’ can be explained.

Five Photographs of Travelers in Time: Real or Fake? (Debunked)

A hipster in 1941?

Five Photographs of Travelers in Time: Real or Fake? (Debunked)The photo of a ‘time traveler’, dressed as a young man of the 21st century, with fashionable sunglasses and even a camera similar to a polaroid, but taken in 1941 in Canada, became viral. However, it turns out that the fashionable clothes supposedly of our days is actually a sports sweater of that time. Likewise, the model of glasses that has the man was already used even 20 years before, and in his hands has a portable camera that already existed at that time, explains Daily Express newspaper.

An iPhone in 1948?

In the American film ‘Fort Apache’, shot in 1948, one of the protagonists appears in a moment traveling in a carriage and analyzing its route through the maps of its ‘iPhone’. At least that sounds like it. In fact, in a black-and-white movie, any dark notebook the size of an iPhone can give that impression.

Cell Phones in the year 1938?(Travelers in Time: Real or Fake?)Five Photographs of Travelers in Time: Real or Fake? (Debunked)In another photo appears a woman leaving a factory talking about what appears to be a cell phone, as if the photo was not taken in 1938, when these obviously did not yet exist. As revealed the woman’s granddaughter after the photo became viral, effectively her grandmother was talking on the phone. The woman worked at the Dupont factory, which also appears in the picture, and was one of five female employees chosen to test the wireless phones she was experimenting with.

Cell phones in the year 1928?(Travelers in Time: Real or Fake?)

In one of the editions of a Charlie Chaplin film appeared a recording made during the premiere of the film in Los Angeles in 1928. In the video you can see a woman with her left hand something is carried to her ear, as if she too It was a cell phone. The most feasible explanation is that what the woman has in her hand is a portable hearing aid, which had hardly appeared at the time.

Are there time travelers and are they Hollywood stars?(Travelers in Time: Real or Fake?)

Five Photographs of Travelers in Time: Real or Fake? (Debunked)

There is ‘evidence’ that a person with a clear mind could explain only by citing a coincidence. Among these coincidences are photos of Hollywood stars such as Nicholas Cage and John Travolta ‘taken’ in 1800, and a sixteenth-century ‘portrait’ of Keanue Reeves.

In reality they are images of other people, one taken in the 1870s, and the second in 1860, although they certainly belong to people very similar to the actors. In the third case it is a painting by the Italian painter il Parmigianino.

Five Photographs of Travelers in Time: Real or Fake? (Debunked)

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