Golden State Valkyries unveiled as new WNBA team

Tony Nguyen | Golden State Warriors
May 15, 2024

It’s been more than half a year since the WNBA announced that the Golden State Warriors ownership group would be granted an expansion team in San Francisco. And it’s been over a week since that expansion team, then unnamed, announced Ohemaa Nyanin as their inaugural GM.

And now, on the day that the 2024 WNBA season tips off — the final season before Golden State enters the fray — we know the name for the Bay Area’s WNBA squad.

On Tuesday morning, the team officially announced their name, logo, and color scheme. And so we welcome the newest member of Bay Area sports: the Golden State Valkyries.

Check it out:

The Valkyries went all-in on day one marketing, as they certainly should, even getting Kehlani to narrate their inspiring introductory video.

They also shared the ins and outs of the gorgeous, highly-detailed logo.

And they snapped a few pictures of Warriors players repping the gear of their sister team.

The Valkyries made the choice to start fresh with their own color scheme, rather than follow the Warriors’ color scheme. That’s a choice that some will certainly criticize, though I like it. There are obvious ties between the two organizations, from the city and arena they call home, to the ownership group, to the name — defines “valkyrie” as “any of the beautiful maidens attendant upon Odin who bring the souls of slain warriors chosen by Odin or Tyr to Valhalla and there wait upon them” (emphasis mine) — and I like the WNBA squad getting a chance to brand independently with their own colors.

We’ll unfortunately have to wait to see those colors on the court, as the Valkyries won’t debut until the 2025 WNBA season. But hey, that’s only a year away now! And if you’re planning on following the Valkyries but are new to the WNBA, I strongly recommend following the league this year — it’s an absolute joy, and League Pass is incredibly affordable.