Google Earth Evidence Of Advanced Aerial Technology

Kane Khanh | UFO
May 6, 2024

This is the only evidence I’d like to have every day of the week if I’m being honest with you because it’s indisputable, unbelievable, real and it’s not been tampered with.

Advanced technology allows automated 3D tracking of leaked gas

Google Earth, nobody has access to the JavaScript Earth engine software and displays it in a hoax kind of way – especially on the live app version!

Because if it was open to the public to edit it “willy nilly” (lol what a saying willy nilly is) but it’s true. If it was open to the public and they were allowed to edit it, you can almost guarantee that “hooliganism and vandalism” would occur and probably within minutes!


Triangle shape UFO hidden on Google Earth app.


Credit: Inez Cariño/UFO Sighting’s Footage/UFO News/Ufosfootage/Canva.


Someone would relish the idea of drawing a huge cartoon sausage where Spain should be. I think you get the idea of what people would do with it if they could change Google Earth to reflect whatever they wanted it to be at the drop of a hat. Google would have to employ an army of engineers just to keep up with putting things back together or back to how it was in the first place. So I believe that nobody has been able to do that because it’s protected software and probably protected beyond your wildest dreams!

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Okay, I’m mentioning the security credentials of Google Earth/Maps because I’m trying to say that this is real. It is because hoaxers and fakers of UFOs can’t get any access to embed a fake photo with its fake coordinates as it’s not set up like that.

Here are the coordinates and step-by-step instructions to see it:

1. download the desktop Google Earth App, 2. Open the app, 3. paste 30°30’38.4″S 115°22’56.0″E into the Search bar, 4. Go to View, 5. select Historical Imagery, 6. scroll imagery to 03/2004. You’ll see the object. Does not work in the web version. – Inez Cariño

I believe that some mapping apps are open source, but still, people can’t change the software and display whatever they want to.

Google Earth 30°30'38.4"S 115°22'56.0"E triangle UFO.

Here’s the epic video of the triangular-shaped UFO spotted on Google Earth: