Goto Matabei’s Armor.

Kane Khanh | Archeaology
August 25, 2023
It was said that Goto Matabei (also known as Mototsugu) was born ready to fight. He was a much-respected professional warrior of the Sengoku period who often proudly boasted of the 53 scars on various parts of his body, trophies of the many wars in which he had participated.
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Goto Matabei was recognised for his fierce bravery during Hideyoshi’s Korean Campaigns, and fought at The Battle Of Sekigahara under Kuroda Nagamasa as a captain in the Eastern forces. Matabei was another of the samurai fighting under Tokugawa colors that day who would later side with Toyotomi Hideyori in Osaka.
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He was killed in the Summer Siege of Osaka in 1615. During the Battle of Domyo-ji against the numerically superior troops of Date Masamune, Matabei was badly wounded by a bullet, and unable to stand, committed seppuku on the field.
This suit of Tousei Gussoku armor is said to have been one of many that belonged to Matabei.
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