The plaintive “Meow!” pierced through the air… The guy abandoned everything else to come to the rescue of the cat!


Heroes among us!

In Perm, an unusual rescue operation was launched in a garage cooperative (Red Barracks area). 25-year-old Sergey Skleenkov parked his car in the garage and thought about how to spend Friday evening. But his plans were not destined to come true.

“Meow!” came from under the roof…

At first, the guy thought he heard it. But bitter, full of hopelessness “meow” was repeated again.

Sergey says: “ It was not clear where the sound came from, but I immediately understood that the cat was in trouble! I love animals very much, so I decided to find the poor guy and try to help .”

It took Sergei an hour to find the source of the sound. It turned out that some cat was stuck under the roof of one of the garages.


Having found the animal, Seryozha returned to his garage for a screwdriver, and, armed with a tool, climbed onto the roof to rescue the cat. The guy carefully unscrewed the metal sheets and saw that the pet was sandwiched between the roof boards.

The cat was scared to death and continued to meow plaintively. Then Sergei took a nail puller and tore off the boards.

Hooray! The kitty is on the loose!


But that is not all! It seemed to Sergei that salvation alone was not enough, so he decided to feed the baby.

“ I went to the store, bought a couple of bags of food! But when he returned, she was gone. She must have run away! “, the guy laments. But the main thing is that the pet remained alive and unharmed!

Seryozha spent a few more hours at that ill-fated garage – he, like a conscientious guy, decided to restore the roof. The young man nailed the boards and returned the unscrewed metal sheets to their place. Since the guy works at the Proton plant as a tester and studies as a process engineer, he did great. He sincerely hopes that the owner of the garage will not become angry for such “amateur performance”!