Joy Taylor has bold Tua Tagovailoa opinion

May 7, 2024

Joy Taylor has bold Tua Tagovailoa opinion

Miami Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa is entering the final season of his rookie contract. While some might think it’s a foregone conclusion that the team will re-sign him, there hasn’t been a ton of momentum so far in getting the deal done.

While the team has said it’s a priority to sign their quarterback to a lucrative extension, there are a lot of questions about how much money they should be paying and if Tagovailoa is worth the kind of mega-deal we’ve seen for quarterbacks like Patrick Mahomes and Joe Burrow.

FS1’s Joy Taylor thinks it’s a no-brainer that the Dolphins should make Tua the highest-paid quarterback in the league.

“The Dolphins should make Tua the highest-paid quarterback,” Taylor said on Monday’s episode of Speak. “Because, Tua is the next man up, and that is how it works. He will be the highest-paid for however long until the next guy who is gonna get paid gets paid, and then they will be the highest-paid.

“We do this every single time. Someone who hasn’t had a bunch of post-season success gets up for their contract or we have questions about them anyway or their ability to stay healthy or any of these things, which are all fair criticism of Tua because that is what has happened.”

Taylor noted that Tua put up big numbers during the regular season last year and has led the team to the playoffs in back-to-back seasons for the first time in a very long time. And given Miami’s recent history of quarterback shuffles, they should invest in the “stability” of Tagovailoa.

The more important thing for the Dolphins to worry about, per Taylor, is winning the AFC East this season, because they need to be able to host playoff games rather than heading to Buffalo, Kansas City, and Cincinnati and trying to win in the cold.

As of now, Joe Burrow is the highest-paid quarterback and player in the NFL with a three-year APY of $62.9 million. We’ll see if Tua can surpass that.