Lakers star LeBron James’ heartwarming message for Bronny James amid critcisms

Tony Nguyen | Los Angeles Lakers
May 15, 2024

LeBron James draws a variety of opinions from sports fans. He has millions of supporters, but he’s got plenty of critics as well. Still, no matter what one thinks of him, it can’t be denied that James is a family man. Just look at his recent Instagram story about his eldest son, Bronny James.

“Just simply a great kid!” the Los Angeles Lakers star posted. “Proud of you young (king)! Go get whatever you want. The world is yours.” (per ClutchPoints’ Kit Guinhawa)

Right now, Bronny is one of the many names that have declared for the NBA draft. He’s currently taking part in the 2024 draft combine, where he and the other prospects are duking it out to make a good impression on scouts. Bronny’s physical attributes were impressive. He recorded a 40-and-a-half-inch vertical leap while showing quick lateral movements and bursts of speed in the pro lane agility drill. When the time came for the three-point star shooting drill, Bronny made 19 of his 25 attempts from downtown.

Recent criticisms

Bronny James (50) participates during the 2024 NBA Draft Combine at Wintrust Arena
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However, the online critics appeared once again when the 19-year-old tallied just four points during his first scrimmage. Bronny shot 2-0f-8 from the field and missed all his attempts from beyond the arc.

For more context, all the scrutiny began when it was announced that Bronny would be declaring for the draft. He was coming off a quiet freshman season with USC, where he averaged 4.8 points in 19.3 minutes played per game. This led to claims that he wasn’t ready to make a jump to the pros yet.

Some argued that if Bronny gets drafted by a team, it would be for publicity purposes, or even an attempt to lure LeBron James to that team. The last argument is likely untrue, as Rich Paul, LeBron’s agent, dispelled rumors about a potential move by the Lakers star to team up with his son.

Bronny James: future defensive specialist?

If one were to be blunt, Bronny’s numbers aren’t head-turning. Nevertheless, an upside to the youngster is his athleticism. While he may still need to develop his offensive game, Bronny could garner his minutes by focusing on the defensive end of the floor. If he can embrace the role of stopping the opposing team’s best guards, then he might just be able to find his own path in the league.

In fact, it looks like Bronny already knows that. During a recent interview at the combine, the guard said he looks up to three players when modeling his game: Derrick White, Jrue Holiday and Davion Mitchell. If there’s one word that comes to mind when thinking about these players, it’s defense.

Being the son of an NBA legend isn’t easy if that said son decides to pursue basketball. The pressure is there, with the entire world watching continuously. Still, no matter how loud the outside noise becomes, for Bronny James, having his father as his biggest supporter is surely all that matters.