Miami Dolphins Head Coach Mike McDaniel Asks Harrison Butker to Open His Eyes After Controversial Speech

May 25, 2024

Harrison Butker’s commencement speech is getting hate from people all around the world. Miami Dolphins’ HC Mike McDaniel took a dig at the Chiefs’ kicker. Find out more below.

Image Courtesy: Harrison Butker Official X Handle

Image Courtesy: Harrison Butker Official X HandleIN THIS ARTICLE

Harrison Butker is getting noticed more than ever. The Kansas City Chiefs kicker has been in the headlines for two weeks now. His speech at Benedictine College continues to grab headlines. Butker might have helped his team win the Super Bowl LVIII but he has put them in the middle of a controversy.

The 2019 NFL scoring leader delivered a commencement speech on May 11. His views weren’t received well by the audience. People called him homophobic and sexist for his statements. Butker presented his perspective on religion, the LGBTQ community, and the role of women in society. Users are criticizing him on the internet. The Miami Dolphins’ HC was asked to share his opinion on the matter.

What Does Mike McDaniel Think About Harrison Butker’s Speech?

Although the NFL Commissioner had cleared the air about the issue, journalists can’t stop bringing it up. The Dolphins HC was the latest addition to the list of celebrities who gave their reaction to the controversial speech.

Mike McDaniel thinks that player’s eyes should be opened if they are new to a situation. He added that whatever anybody says can be fragmented and used against them forever. McDaniel believes that one should believe what they are going to say.