Miami Dolphins Minicamp Details Of Rookie Signings, Contract Talks, And On-Field Progression

May 14, 2024

Dolphins' McDaniel: Tua 'has more pitches in his arsenal'

In a packed weekend at the Dolphins’ rookie minicamp, 27 hopefuls showcased their skills, with two emerging as signees for the team: center Ireland Brown from Rutgers and cornerback Jason Maitre from Wisconsin. Maitre, known for his versatility and solid stats from his time at Boston College and Wisconsin, is seen as a potential asset for the Dolphins’ secondary. Brown, with a transition from defensive tackle to offensive line during his collegiate career, brings a mix of experience and adaptability to the team.

Meanwhile, amidst rookie signings, quarterback Tua Tagovailoa’s future hangs in the balance as talks of a contract extension loom. With Jared Goff’s monumental four-year, $212 million deal with the Detroit Lions setting a new benchmark in quarterback salaries, the pressure is on Tagovailoa and the Dolphins to reach an agreement. Despite comparisons between the two quarterbacks’ stats and records, negotiations remain ongoing.

On the field, rookie receiver Malik Washington impressed with his early arrival and chemistry-building sessions with Tagovailoa. Washington, who led FBS receivers in receptions and broken tackles last season, looks to make an impact with his speed and skill set. Drawing inspiration from former Pro Bowl receiver Steve Smith, Washington aims to emulate his game on the field.

Also making strides at the minicamp is sixth-round pick Patrick McMorris, showcasing his versatility and special team prowess. With experience across various special team positions, McMorris hopes to secure his spot on the roster with his adaptability and commitment.

As for rookie running back Jaylen Wright, securing Xavien Howard’s former jersey number holds sentimental value. With Howard’s departure, Wright sees an opportunity to make his mark on the team and contribute to the Dolphins’ offense with his speed and straightforward running style.

Overall, the Dolphins’ rookie minicamp provided a glimpse into the team’s future, with promising prospects and potential extensions shaping the narrative as the offseason progresses.