Moved To New Location In Northern Ireland Is A Tomb That Predates The Pyramids.

Kane Khanh | Archeaology
October 1, 2023

At a museum in Northern Ireland, a Neolithic tomb that predates the Egyptian pyramids has been placed on permanent display.

Ballintaggart Court Tomb at its new home outside the Ulster Folk Museum

It was uncovered near Ballintaggart, Co. Armagh, and has a history of more than 6,000 years.

One of around 400 of its kind on the island, the Ballintaggart Court Tomb is a group of upright stones that form a semicircular courtyard at the entrance to the burial chambers where human remains would have been left.

After being endangered by the expansion of a neighboring quarry, it was removed from its native place in 1966 and transported to Ulster Museum.

Now that the stones have been relocated, the building outside the attraction has been faithfully rebuilt using 3D modeling at Ulster Folk Museum.

The enormous constructions grew more prevalent in the nation as ancient people established permanent settlements, according to Dr. Greer Ramsey, curator of archaeology at National Museums NI.

William Blair, Joe Garvey, chairman of the Richmount Rural Community Association in Portadown, and Dr Greer Ramsey at the site

“Court tombs take their name from a semicircular arc of upright stones marking the entrance to the burial chambers,” he said.

“The Neolithic period to which they belong was revolutionary as it marked the end to a nomadic or hunter-gatherer way of life. New settlers arrived about 6,000 years ago, bringing with them farming skills and many of the plants and domestic animals we are familiar with today. With a more secure food supply, people could live for longer in one place and invest in larger, more permanent structures, such as tombs.”

Moved to new location in Northern Ireland is a tomb that predates the  Pyramids.

As the Ulster Folk Museum unveiled its investment plans, which included opening up access to its collection, the tomb arrived at the location.

As part of normal admission, visitors can view the building outside in the museum’s rural area.

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