“Muscle hero” The Rock and his $801 million USD fortune.

The Rock makes a lot of money through acting, advertising, and business. He is predicted to soon become a Hollywood billionaire.

In a recent interview with Today , Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson said he would run for president of the United States someday. Although he did not confirm that this would happen next year, the actor appeared open to the possibility of entering politics.

He said: “100% sure, I will work hard to not disappoint you, who always support and motivate me. At the same time, I maintain a humble and grateful attitude but also do not hide my shortcomings. desire within me”.

According to the media, if participating in the race for the White House, Hollywood’s top superstar does not need to have too many financial headaches. Because his current assets are huge.

Hollywood’s next USD billionaire?
This year, the Hawaiian-born star pocketed a lucrative salary thanks to his participation in the series of projects Once Upon a Studio, Player 54: Chasing the XFL Dream, Red One, Fast X … Among them, his appearance in Fast X only happens briefly at the end of the movie, but this is a factor that contributes to attracting a large audience to theaters.

USA Today revealed that The Rock earned more than $35 million from the Fast and Furious franchise . For Hobbs & Shaw (2019) alone , he was paid 20 million USD , even though the same acting role as Jason Statham – the actor only received 13 million USD .

With widespread influence, it is no surprise to Insider that The Rock is a rare star who can demand a salary of 20 million USD . And even just posting an article related to the movie Re d Notice , he also received at least 1 million USD .

Throughout his career, Johnson has been associated with muscular roles and courageous spirit in action films with more than 40 works. Although sometimes criticized for being old and repeating themselves, it cannot be denied that the actor has become rich quickly thanks to his hard work in artistic activities.

"Muscle hero" The Rock and his $801 million USD fortune

The Rock – the sexiest man of 2016 voted by People – is also the representative of many brands, advertising for clothing brands, energy drinks, alcohol, soccer tournaments… Income from This amount contributes significantly to his enormous wealth. Just counting contracts with Ford and Apple, The Rock earns 15 million USD /year.

“In addition to being the second highest paid actor in Hollywood and a symbol of the professional wrestling world, he also built his own business empire. From the Teremana Tequila alcohol brand, the Seven Bucks production company Productions to becoming the owner of the American football tournament XFL, Johnson continues to reach new heights in his arduous career,” Forbes praised The Rock in an article in September.

The Rock currently owns a total assets value of up to 800 million USD , according to Celebrity Net Worth . With an average earning rate of 100 million USD /year, in about two years, he will step into the ranks of billionaires in Hollywood along with Jay-Z, Rihanna and Taylor Swift.

How The Rock spends money
Similar to other celebrities, The Rock is very passionate about houses and land. Data from Zillow – America’s leading real estate company – shows that Johnson is a “giant” in this field. Over the past decade, he bought and resold more than 10 villas, mainly in Florida.

The Rock’s real estate stretches across the United States. In Virginia alone, he spent tens of millions of dollars to buy a spacious farm. This is where his family often comes to rest during holidays. He also showed generosity when buying houses for relatives and colleagues.

For convenient travel, the action movie star spent $65 million on a luxury Gulfstream G650 jet. This was Gulfstream Aerospace’s largest and fastest commercial jet for many years. The Gulfstream G650 includes two Rolls-Royce BR725 engines, which can reach a speed of 1,133 km/h, much faster than commercial aircraft. In addition, it can fly up to 13,000 km. Each trip can cost The Rock hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The Rock took his daughter on a private plane trip.

"Muscle hero" The Rock and his $801 million USD fortune

Speaking of assets, one cannot ignore his supercar collection. Famous car bloggers confirmed that The Rock owns a Pagani Huayra supercar (about 1 million USD ). The actor’s Ford F-150 Pickup has such an aggressive appearance that it is considered a “monster”. According to Insider , Oscar Rodriguez – a former US Navy veteran – once burst into emotional tears when the actor gave him a pickup truck.

As a top star, The Rock’s team takes careful care of his appearance when appearing at important events. Forget about the massive muscles, the highlight of the actor’s body is always the expensive watch. GQ lists the high-end watch models that The Rock owns such as IWC Big Pilot, Panerai Luminor, Rolex Sea Dweller, IWC Schaffhausen Big Pilot Heritage… Each one costs from a few thousand to tens of thousands of dollars.

The Rock is also famous for his kind heart and sharing in difficult situations. Since 2006, he has founded the Dwayne Johnson Rock Foundation, a charity aimed at helping children with diseases, disorders and disabilities.

He also regularly cooperates and donates money to charity organizations in the US such as Make-A-Wish Foundation, I Have a Dream Foundation, Parkinson Society Maritime Region, Starlight Children’s Foundation or Until There’s A Cure.

In September, The Rock along with “television queen” Oprah Winfrey donated $10 million to help fire victims in Maui. The recent list of stars supporting unemployed actors from the Screen Actors Guild – American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA) also includes the names of actors.