Mysterious photographs of a group of nobles hunting that cannot be explained in the reign of King Rama V of Thailand…

Kane Khanh | Animals
September 15, 2023

In the heart of the lush Thai jungle, a group of aristocrats, adorned in their finest hunting attire, set out on a mission to capture and kill the most elusive and dangerous beasts known to man. This was a hunt unlike any other, for the prey they sought were not mere animals, but fearsome creatures of legend that defied explanation.

Led by the daring and charismatic Prince Chakrabongse, the group consisted of some of the most prominent and wealthy figures in Thai society. They were armed with the finest rifles and accompanied by a team of skilled trackers and hunters. The air was thick with excitement and anticipation as they ventured deeper into the jungle, their eyes scanning the trees and foliage for any sign of movement.

As they made their way through the dense underbrush, the group encountered a variety of exotic animals, including majestic elephants, nimble monkeys, and colorful birds. But their sights were set on something much more dangerous – the legendary beasts that roamed these lands.

At last, after several days of tracking and searching, they came upon a clearing where a massive creature stood before them. It was unlike anything they had ever seen before – a towering beast with a body as black as night, eyes that glowed like embers, and a massive horn protruding from its forehead. It snorted and pawed at the ground, seemingly unafraid of the group of hunters.

Prince Chakrabongse raised his rifle and took aim, his heart pounding with excitement and fear. The others followed suit, their eyes fixed on the beast. Suddenly, the creature let out an ear-piercing roar and charged towards them.

The hunters fired their rifles, but the bullets seemed to have no effect on the beast. It continued its charge, knocking over trees and boulders in its path. The group scrambled to evade the beast, but it was relentless, its massive horn slicing through the air.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, the beast lay still on the ground, defeated. The group gathered around it, marveling at its size and power. They had done what no other hunters had dared to do – they had captured one of the fabled beasts that roamed the jungles of Thailand.

As they made their way back to civilization, the hunters recounted their adventure, embellishing the story with each telling. They knew that their feat would go down in history, and that they had cemented their place among the elite of Thai society. For they were the ones who had faced the impossible and emerged victorious, their names forever etched in the annals of history.

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