New York, USA, workers suddenly found a fossil giant 3m high.

In October 1869, while digging a well in Cardiff, New York, USA, workers suddenly found a petrified giant 3m high. Since then, many people have spent money to watch this giant without knowing the truth behind it

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The story of the giant Cardiff originates from the event that happened on October 16, 1869. At that time, while digging a well behind the stables of William C. in Cardiff, New York, USA, the workers made an unexpected discovery.

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Specifically, the workers suddenly dug a petrified giant 3m high.


The giant was named after the place where it was found, Cardiff.


Immediately after the above information was announced, many people flocked to and were willing to spend money to be able to see the giant Cardiff with their own eyes. Some people even offered to spend a lot of money to buy it back.


Many believe that this is evidence of giants that once lived on Earth.

However, everyone is deceived. In fact, the giant Cardiff was created by a cigarette seller named George Hull.


George Hull used acid and smeared a humanoid plaster block to turn it into a 3m-tall fossil giant to fool the public.


After creating the giant Cardiff, George Hull hired people to secretly bury it underground.


Some time later, the giant Cardiff was discovered while digging a well. This was all planned by George Hull in advance.

It was not until February 1870 that the truth about the giant Cardiff was announced. Accordingly, many Americans were deceived and lost a large amount of money because of this fake item.