Nick Young wants Steph Curry to team up with LeBron and Durant

Tony Nguyen | Golden State Warriors
May 14, 2024

Steph Curry will spend the summer with LeBron James and Kevin Durant as the future Hall of Famers head to Paris for the 2024 Olympic games. All three aging stars’ seasons came to an abrupt end, with the Golden State Warriors being eliminated in the play-in tournament by the Sacramento Kings.

According to Nick Young, who was speaking on a recent episode of VLAD TV, the former Los Angeles Lakers and Warriors guard would like to see LeBron and Durant head to the Bay Area in the near future to team up with Curry and challenge for a championship together.

“I think all three of them need to come together,” Young said. “That’d be good. I don’t see him [Curry] leaving the Warriors so that’s why it could be [in the Bay]. But they are playing on the USA Team together this year … One last hurrah… If I’m Bron, I’m rolled up, already lit. I got the five lines in front of me,” Garnett added. “I got the phones out right here. I got KD on one line, I got CP on one line. I got Steph on one line. And we catching up. This is the first time I think that all the old superstars can actually be on one team and go out with a hurrah.”

While it’s highly unlikely we every see the superstar trio team up on the same NBA team, the idea is certainly a fun one, especially when considering whether they would be able to win a championship together.

There are already rumors circulating regarding a potential reunion with Durant in the Bay Area. However, expecting LeBron to also make the switch is where the dream falls apart. He is more likely to re-sign with the Lakers. Still, the idea is fun to think about.