On his 101st birthday, Dwayne Johnson honors the celebrated screenwriter who influenced his “childhood.”

Everybody admires a particular star from a field. Many people admire the WWE star Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson. And even he had admired someone in his life. After spawning a successful career as a pro wrestler, Dwayne Johnson entered the realm of acting. The star quickly made himself familiar in this new world with his trademark style and charisma. His humble nature also aided him in finding his feet and clinching success later on. But it looks like he considered someone as an icon to model after.

Recently, he had the chance to meet the iconic screenwriter who helped model his childhood. And Johnson wrote a very heartwarming message for the icon on his 101 birthday.

Dwayne Johnson meets a Hollywood legend

Dwayne Johnson took to Instagram to wish iconic screenwriter Norman Lear on his 101 birthday. The Brahma Bull wrote a heartwarming message for the writer, who also is a U.S. Air Force veteran. He wrote, “The characters he created helped shaped my childhood – especially his characters of color.” Along with that, he wrote the honor he felt in meeting the icon in person. Along with that, the Hollywood star thanked Lear for his service.

Lear gained acclaim for writing and producing movies such as Come Blow Your Horn, Divorce American Style, and Cold Turkey. He then later steered to television and made his first show, All in the Family. The show depicted sensitive issues such as the Vietnam War and Civil Rights. Although a bit controversial, the show garnered a good reception, and Lear won four Emmy awards and a Peabody Award. His show, The Jeffersons, revolved around an African-American family and is considered a classic and was even indirectly mentioned by Johnson in his post.

The Hollywood star’s tribute to the legendary screenwriter is indeed heartwarming. And his influence on Johnson’s life can now be witnessed in his latest ventures.

The Hollywood star and his ventures draw inspiration from the acclaimed screenwriter

Dwayne Johnson is now a staple in Hollywood. His Seven Buck production house is one of the ventures he has with his ex-wife and manager, Dany Garcia. A show based on his life called Young Rock in 2021. We can see the influence of the television sitcom The Jeffersons in Johnson’s biography series. Although it is based upon the journey of Dwayne Johnson, the series oftentimes takes inspiration from the classic sitcom. The star is also a part of the community and actively contributes to it.

Dwayne Johnson decided to start a foundation called Dwayne Johnson Rock Foundation. The Foundation is known to assist children who are in hospitals and who are recovering. Along with that, he has worked with the Make-A-Wish foundation and also works on the eradication of childhood obesity. Along with that, he has shown support for Human Rights activism and for the support of Veterans/Service member support.