Phinsider Question Of The Day: Rookie Jersey Edition

Tony Nguyen | Miami Dolphins
June 24, 2024

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I am, in fact, running out of decent football/Miami Dolphins questions to ask. If you have an idea, feel free to send it my way. You can always direct message me via Twitter/X or whatever you call it. Anyway…

Our Dolphins have, as they always do, added a slew of new players to the roster. The majority, adding in the undrafted free agents, are unlikely to make the final roster, while the top draft picks are almost assured a spot on the 2024 version of the Miami Dolphins. Most die-hard Miami Dolphins fans have already focused on one of those draft picks they love for whatever reason.

Some of you love a guy because he played for your favorite college football program, and you hope he can convert those skills that made him a start at the lower level into a stud pro. Others of you are just huge draftniks, meaning that you digest information about college football players year-round in anticipation of them being drafted at some point into the NFL. Some of these kids were on your radar as a favorite long before they became a Dolphin. Others, like myself, are a bit addicted to YouTube, and when you are not trying to figure out via a video how to fix some random issue within your home, you are watching highlight videos of our Miami Dolphins draft picks, helping you find the pick(s) that you have super high hopes for.

No matter how you came to have a favorite draft pick out of the bunch, if you are a big enough fan to be on this blog, then you most likely have that one guy that you are already looking to make a positive difference long before they take their first real snap at the NFL level.

So tonights question of the day is not which one of the rookies is your fav right now but which of the current rookies jerseys will or would be your first to purchase?

Please give us your thoughts and answers in the comments section below-

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