Physicist discovers the secret of the pyramid’s magical uses: More than just a tomb

Kane Khanh | Archeaology
November 16, 2023

The Global Pyramid Enigma. Why are pyramids found worldwide in various ancient cultures? Dr. Volodymyr Krashnoholovets, a Ukrainian physicist, may have unraveled their purpose. Discover his groundbreaking findings!

Not only in Egypt, pyramids are built almost everywhere in the world. Through many years of research, Dr. Krasnoholovets from the Institute of Physics of Ukraine discovered that it is not only a tomb but also has many other unexpected uses.

Physicist discovers the secret of the pyramid’s magical uses: More than just a tomb

There is an amazing similarity between pyramids built across the globe since ancient times. (Photo: Linkedin)

Usually, when talking about the Pyramids, people immediately think of Egypt, the Giza plateau or the trio of towering Pyramids on the outskirts of Cairo. However, did you know that in Central America alone there are more than 1,000 pyramids, China has 300 and more than 200 pyramids in Sudan.

Egypt boasts about 120 pyramids. However, there are many pyramids scattered around the globe. So why are these mysterious structures present all over our planet? Why did nearly all ancient civilizations on Earth such as the Maya, Aztecs, pre-Inca cultures, ancient China, and many others build these giant structures? Furthermore, why do these strange pyramids have such similarities in design?

One of the biggest mysteries about the pyramids is that until today, we still cannot clearly understand why ancient people built them? Did they really use them as eternal burial places for Pharaohs and kings?

Physicist discovers the secret of the pyramid’s magical uses: More than just a tomb

All kinds of pyramids were built all over the world. (Photo: Ancient Code)

Or do they have other purposes, ones that are completely different from what mainstream scholars are trying to make us believe?

A Ukrainian scientist believes he has finally been able to decode the mystery behind the pyramids and their uses in ancient civilizations across the globe.

Volodymyr Krashnoholovets, a Ukrainian physicist, spent more than a decade building and studying these pyramid structures.

Receiving the approval of the Russian government, he built a 43m high pyramid on the outskirts of Moscow. He believes he has finally solved the mystery behind the pyramids and why they were built.

Physicist discovers the secret of the pyramid’s magical uses: More than just a tomb

A tourist took a picture of the Mayan pyramid El Castillo (Kukulcan temple) in Mexico in 2012. (Photo: Hector Siliezar)

Many people also believe that the discoveries of Dr. Volodymyr Krasnoholovets are truly revolutionary and will forever change our perception of the pyramids. Here are some of his most outstanding discoveries related to pyramids:

1.Improve the body’s immune system (increase white blood cell count).
2. Improve cell tissue regeneration.
3.Seeds stored in pyramids for 1-5 days increase yield by 30 – 100%.
4. Not long after the Lake Seliger pyramid was built, the ozone layer over the Moscow area had marked improvements.
5. According to research, seismic activity near pyramid areas is more limited in scale and severity.
6. The harsh climate in the vicinity of the pyramid also improved.
7. The pyramids built in Southern Russia (Bashkiria) appear to have had a positive influence on oil production, making oil 30% less viscous and the productivity of oil wells also increasing up, according to test results of the Moscow State Petroleum Institute.
8. A study conducted on 5,000 prisoners who were given salt and pepper exposed to energy sources within the pyramid. Test subjects showed significantly reduced rates of violence and much improved overall behavior.
9. Standard tissue culture tests in pyramids also show an increase in cell survival after viral and bacterial infection.
10. The amount of radiation is also reduced to a certain extent inside the pyramid.
11. There are reports of capacitors automatically charging.
12. Physicists have observed significant changes in the superconducting temperature range and in the properties of semiconductor nanomaterials and carbon nanomaterials.
13. The water inside the pyramid will remain liquid at – 40 degrees Celsius but freeze immediately if disturbed or impacted in any way.