Plaque of Psusennes I

Kane Khanh | Archeaology
October 31, 2023


This thin gold plaque belonging to the pharaoh Psusennes I was placed on his mummy over the incision made in the lower abdomen to allow the internal organs to be removed during the initial phases of the embalming process.

The ancient Egyptians attached a powerful magical value to this amulet, which was intended to guarantee the physical integrity to the mummy by protecting the wound, thought to be the most vulnerable part of the body.The plate was supposed to restore the body to its original state of strength as the wound was considered to be vulnerable and a possible entry point for negative forces.The plaque is decorated with the udjat eye, as the symbol was associated with the idea of physical wholeness and protection.

The four sons of Horus – Imset, Hapi, Duamutuef and Qebehsenuef – are shown at the sides of the eye with the royal cobra on their heads and their names engraved with a burn. They wear pleated skirts and usekh necklaces.An inscription on the udjat eye says, “To the Osiris King Psusennes meryamun”.The plaque has a small engraved moulding with four holes in the corners to fix it to the bandages of the mummy.