Ranking Nikola Jokic’s 10 rarest dunks

Tony Nguyen | Denver Nuggets
May 18, 2024

From being drafted in the second round during a Taco Bell commercial, Nikola Jokic transformed himself into a three-time NBA MVP. Jokic is also a six-time All-Star, NBA champion, and a Finals MVP. Given Jokic’s impact in the NBA, it’s safe to say that he’s currently the best player in the NBA today.

While Jokic is famous for his smart plays, unorthodox shots, and flashy passes, the Serbian star is nowhere as athletic and flashy as his traditional NBA counterparts. However, the Nuggets star simply gets the job done when it comes to winning. But once in a while, Jokic does showcase his athletic side. Let’s rank Nikola Jokic’s 10 rarest dunks.

10. All alone in the fastbreak

Although dunking isn’t Jokic’s greatest strength, when he’s all alone under the rim, the three-time NBA MVP is willing to showcase his hops. It isn’t powerful by any means, but it’s definitely an easy two points.

9. Poster dunk in slow motion

Poster dunks are usually powerful and intimidating. However, Jokic isn’t about that. Instead, he prefers to just get the two points for his team. Just like in this play, Jokic gently posterizes his Portland Trail Blazers defender in transition. It wasn’t finished with authority, but Jokic did enough to shift the momentum in favor of his team.

8. A Christmas treat for Denver fans

Playing against the Warriors on Christmas Day, NBA fans were in for a treat. With the Nuggets holding a slim lead in the final minute of the fourth quarter, Jokic found himself an open lane after the Warriors failed to set up their defense in time. The Nuggets star waltzed his way to a crucial slam. The Nuggets secured a 120-114 win that night.

7. Solid spin on Kristaps Porzingis

At 7-foot-2, Kristaps Porzingis isn’t small by any means. However, the Boston Celtics power forward could hardly do anything but kiss the deck when Jokic barreled his way with a spin cycle for a two-handed finish. The Serbian star is absolutely just as dangerous when he decides to create for himself.

6. Putting Anthony Davis in the spinner

Not only did Porzingis suffer Jokic’s wrath one on one but also rival big man Anthony Davis. Having the Los Angeles Lakers’ number, Jokic easily spun his way around AD for an easy dunk. To make matters more interesting, AD is already one of the elite rim protectors in the league today. There’s not a lot of big men like Jokic who could easily toy with the All-Star center.

5. Euro-stepping his way into a two-handed hammer

Hailing all the way from Serbia, it isn’t surprising that Nikola Jokic would resort to his bag of tricks when putting the ball on the floor. In this sequence, he decided to pull off an old reliable, which is the iconic Euro-step.

To create space, Jokic euro-stepped his defenders en route to a powerful two-handed slam. It was so emphatic that the commentators went as far as endorsing him for the Slam Dunk Contest.

4. Dagger dunk

As mentioned before, Jokic and the Nuggets have the Lakers’ number. In this case, Jokic pretty much took over their first-round clash against the Lakers in the 2024 NBA Playoffs. The Serbian center even managed to dunk over LeBron James himself to seal the game against the Purple and Gold in Game 2.

3. Slam Dunk over Brook Lopez

With Brook Lopez standing at 7-foot-1, it’s not easy to put a shot over him or let alone dunk in his face. However, Jokic had no disregard for him when he got an open lane against the Bucks center. The simple two-handed slam dunk caught Lopez sleeping on defense. One may even argue that the Bucks big man committed a foul against the Serbian star.

2. Dunking on Anthony Edwards

Jokic wasn’t entirely happy when the Nuggets found themselves down 2-0 against the Minnesota Timberwolves in the Western Conference Semifinals. To make a statement, Jokic did the near impossible by putting Timberwolves star Anthony Edwards on a poster. As The Joker said it best, he is a “freak of nature.”

1. Putting Victor Wembanyama on a poster

Victor Wembanyama is bound to be the face of the NBA in the near future. But right now, the best big man in the league is the Joker himself.

To give the San Antonio Spurs rookie sensation a warm welcome, Jokic made sure to dunk in front of Wembanyama to remind him who still runs the NBA. But staying true to sportsmanship, these two elite big men laughed it off after the play.