Reconstruction of Amenhotep iii: Wall painting & quartz staute

Kane Khanh | Archeaology
January 25, 2024
Father of the famed “heretic Pharaoh,” Akhenaten, and grandfather to the famous King Tut, Amenhotep III was one of Kemet’s (Egypt’s) greatest Neswet’s “nswt-bjtj” (Pharaohs) and the most successful of the 18th Dynasty.
Quartzite standing statue of king Amenhotep III, depicted as the god Atum. New Kingdom, late 18th Dynasty, ca. 1391-1353 BC. Now in the Luxor Museum, Luxor. : r/OutoftheTombs
Amenhotep’s temple is located in Nubia, in the town of Soleb, in present day Sudan and was dedicated to the Netcher (Deity), Amun Re. His wife was the powerful Queen Tiye known for her intellectual and political acumen. Amenhotep III genuinely loved and honored his wife, and regarded her as a partner in his life. He devoted a number of shrines in her honor and constructed a temple dedicated to her in Nubia in the city of Sedeinga, also in present day Sudan.
During his reign, Kemet enjoyed wealth, peace and stability. When Amenhotep III died, he left behind a country that was at the very height of its power and influence, commanding immense respect in the international world.
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This brilliant reconstruction of King Amenhotep III was created by Kings Monologue whom reveled the reconstructions via his Youtube page and walked us through his rigorous process of bringing these timeless figures to life.
“Throughout history, these individuals have captured the imagination of scholars and enthusiasts alike, and their images have been reproduced countless times in paintings, sculptures, and other works of art. But what did they really look like?
Conservation work at the temple of Amenhotep III at Thebes, By The Colossi of Memnon and Amenhotep III Temple Conservation Project | L.I.S.A. WISSENSCHAFTSPORTAL GERDA HENKEL STIFTUNG
To answer this question, we’ll be…using cutting-edge AI technology and a deep understanding of photography and image manipulation, we’ve both sought to create the most accurate representations possible.”
Amenhotep III the great : r/AncientCivilizations