Recounting the Wild Tale of His First ‘Probably Stolen’ Car”.

Recounting the Wild Tale of His First ‘Probably Stolen’ Car” – Football

WWE superstar and Hollywood giant Dwayne Johnson is known for several iconic movies. However, his work in the Fast and the Furious franchise particularly stands out. While The Rock currently has loads of amazing cars, his first car was nothing like the ones he owns right now.

Dwayne Johnson recently made an appearance at the Joe Rogan Experience and spoke about many different topics, particularly from his time before wrestling. The discussion meandered towards the topic of cars and Dwayne Johnson narrated the story of how he got his very first four-wheeler. In fact, The Rock revealed that he drove his own car for the first time at the age of 15.

The hilarious adventure of being behind the steering wheel of his first car

Dwayne Johnson was recently invited by Joe Rogan on the 2063rd episode of his podcast. Johnson lucidly narrated the entire tale behind the first car he ever bought to Joe Rogan. Johnson found himself in an unconventional car-selling location and lacked a dependable buyer. But, he proceeded to make the deal anyway.

Recounting the Wild Tale of His First ‘Probably Stolen’ Car” – Football

He said, “A drunk walks in and says ‘Hey who wants to buy a car?’ And I had no car at that time and no money. We just got evicted out of Hawaii and I said I’ll buy it. I had no money. I said how much? and he says 75, 80 bucks.” Johnson didn’t have any money at the time. However, he borrowed $40 from his friend to pay the drunk man.

Dwayne Johnson further said, “So I give it to the drunk who was probably high too as well. And I said ‘Here I’ll come back and give you the other 40.” The Rock revealed that the car he purchased was a Blue ‘77 Thunderbird and was very happy to own it.

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While driving the car, The Rock heard some noise on the inside and noticed an intoxicated man in the car. Johnson said, “He’s probably a crackhead. And I was like dude I bought the car, you gotta get out.” While the drugged guy exited the vehicle, little did Johnson know that he’d be doing the same very soon.

The unanticipated separation from the ‘77 Thunderbird

As much as Dwayne Johnson loved his first car, he had to part ways with it just after a day of owning it. He said, “I go to put the gas in the car. By the way, I’m 15, I had no f***ing papers. The car’s probably stolen. I try to put the gas in it, and the guy, the drunk, the crackhead, didn’t give me the gas key.”

Recounting the Wild Tale of His First ‘Probably Stolen’ Car” – Football

Dwayne Johnson found himself cornered, compelling him to abandon the car at a Burger King joint. While he had no choice but to leave the car, he also didn’t know what he would’ve told his mother about it.

Now, reflecting on it, parting ways with the ’77 Thunderbird’ was probably the best decision. What are your thoughts on Johnson’s fairly brief experience with his first car?