“Remarkable Discovery: Archaeologists Unearth Fully Clothed Skeleton in Romania”

Kane Khanh | Archeaology
June 6, 2023

According to ancient legends, a large race of people who constructed enormous structures such as pyramids and vast divine temples once roamed the Earth. Their existence parallels that of David and Goliath as well as innumerable folktales. The enigma is why these individuals perished. The unusually huge remains purportedly discovered in Romania by scientists could help answer this question.

The gigantic carcasses of the Romanian Argevay in the ruins of the Burebist leader’s dungeon in Burebista have been known for more than half a century, according to conspiracy theorists and aficionados of folklore. According to Beforeitsnews.com, among those who participated in the excavations in Romania was Ionits Florea, now an eighty-year-old scholar. In 1940, he unearthed a colossal skull, which he revealed to the archaeologist, and then he resumed his excavations alone. According to Floreau, discoveries were moved onto vehicles and transported in secrecy.

The cemetery should contain approximately 80 bones, the majority of which were complete. In addition, they discovered enormous conserved ceramic vessels containing grains. “Since then, nobody knows where the skeletons are,” Florea told the Romanian weekly Libertatea in an interview. In recent years, however, Scaieni’s villagers have also discovered the colossus’ cemetery while establishing an apple orchard. In addition to the enormous skulls, they discovered complete skeletons, gemstones, and fragments of three-meter-tall sculptures. In addition, a group of archaeologists visited this location, removed the artifacts, and the local populace lost track of the discovery.

Intriguingly, the Romanians are familiar with numerous legends involving giants. They once inhabited the surrounding forests of Scaieni. According to the locals, there are enormous caverns beneath the mountains that conceal treasure-filled subterranean passages. In 2016, when journalists were tasked with investigating an enigma, they discovered that the investigation was rigorously confidential.