Scientists Have Just Tested A Unique Egyptian Mummy – With A Brain But No Heart.

Kane Khanh | Archeaology
July 18, 2023

Scientists have just tested a unique Egyptian mummy – with a brain but no heart.

This mummy is a woman who lived about 1,700 years ago. She died somewhere between 30-50 years old. Like many ancient Egyptians, the woman suffered severe tooth loss. She lived in a time when the land of Egypt was ruled by the Roman Empire and Christianity flourished.

Unique Egyptian mummy

After her death, the woman was mummified, although the custom of mummification was no longer common in this period. To remove the organs, the embalmers made an incision between the anus and the genitals to remove the intestines, stomach, liver and heart.

The woman’s face was mummified in a unique way

The special thing is, the mummy’s brain is kept intact, which does not happen with other Egyptian mummies. After that, people applied medicine and lichen to her head and stomach, wrapped her body in linen cloth and put it in a coffin.

This mummy has now been excavated and is kept in a coffin at the Redpath Museum in Montreal, Canada.